Throat cancer caused by oral sex can be prevented by charcoal toothpaste

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Bacteria has a natural tendency to absorb to bacteria and can help since bacterias enter the mouth during oral sex.

Condoms remain the most effective method for protection (Photo: Pixabay)

Using protection is the key to having a healthy sex life free from any risk of contracting STDs or infections caused by unprotected intercourse. While a lot of couples enjoy oral sex, it can make people vulnerable to diseases caused by viruses passed in the act.

A large number of throat cancer cases are related to human papilloma virus (HPV) which is passed via oral sex and leads to cells in the throat being attacked. Although condom is the most effective way to keep such risks as bay, brushing your teeth right can also be useful for precaution.

While maintaining oral health can be a good step for preventing throat cancer from oral sex, many claim that toothpaste containing charcoal is even more effective. Since charcoal has a natural tendency of binding and absorbing to bacteria, it helps against spread of bacteria in the mouth during the act.

Several studies have backed this up with one stating that charcoal can reduce bacteria by 90 percent and can absorb most toxins.