Social activist Narendra Hirani’s Jagrut Foundation is serving society for better living

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'Jagrut' an NGO operated by renowned Narendra Hirani.

Narendra Hirani

Narendra Hirani is the vice president of INC Maharashtra and Chairperson of Jagrut ngo.Inc is the Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee is the state unit of the Indian National Congress for the state of Maharashtra. The head office of the organization is situated in Dadar, Mumbai.

'Jagrut' an NGO operated by renowned Narendra Hirani, very known social activists in the western parts of Mumbai has currently taken up a major issue to provide free sanitary pads to females in the village.

He started an NGO by the name Jagrut in 2009, along with the famous figure Priya Dutt.  Narendra got inspired by the various philanthropists around and wanted to do something contributing his part to the society.  He can be idolised as someone you can look upon, apart from being the president and doing his regular duties, he understands the need and precautions, measure to be taken for the betterment of society.

The former has procured great values in this journey, which has helped him to reach this far. He is also in good relation with the Dutt family. Hirani who is not only inspired by Dutt but along with her started the process of making sanitary pads at a cheap rate and has already donated over 2 lakhs pads to women in rural areas.

Menstrual Hygiene is something which is so commonly ignored by women, which leads to various disease most common being cervical cancer, falling sick frequently and many more. But Narendra understands that women are an equal part of society.

His work does not end here, he has donated 1 lakh pads to flood-hit Kerala along with a lot of stuff through his NGO Jagrut. Jagrut has pledged to take up sanitation, hygiene and education for women as a priority and need for the hour. Jagrut has made women self-employment groups engage the maximum number of women and empower them.

"We started Jagrut in 2009 with a dream to make the world a better place. Every time we take a small step towards a brighter future, we know it is going to make a big impact on someone's life. We are currently working a lot for women empowerment that includes providing them with basic requirements from sanitary pads to education", said Narendra Hirani President of Jagrut foundation.

"We also carry a number of health camps, cancer awareness camps etc. We also have been providing free ambulance service to the needy. We have been greatly supported by Priya Dutt and have done a lot of social work along with her Nargis Dutt foundation", he added.