Location of people sending pictures of their penis can be tracked with new app

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The app can only tell the location and cannot confirm if the person is the original owner of the picture.

The app deletes the image immediately after tracking the location (Photo: AFP)

Unsolicited penis pictures have come across as a major menace plaguing women on the internet ever since social media gained prominence in the digital space. Be it others folders on Facebook or dating apps like Tinder, there are several men sending images of their members to horrified women across the world.

While women have tried everything from shaming such men on social media to forwarding the images to their parents, a lot of men still don’t learn since many are able to get away with it. But now an app seems to be the answer to perverts who take advantage of the limited scope of consequences on social media.

A Swedish web designer has come up with a new app titled DickPicLocator which can track the location of people who send unsolicited pictures of their genitals to women on social media.

For this the picture needs to be downloaded to the device and uploaded to the app which tracks the location of the sender and immediately deletes the image once the data is received. Using it in conjunction with Google Maps can tell the location more accurately.