This sex machines museum in Prague is the first of its kind

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The museum has a variety of machines that have been used in brothels previously and newer machines

It is the first museum of its kind and has many machines that are used for different sexual pleasures. (Photo: Instagram)

There are not many weird museums in the world and even if there are, not many people know about it. If you were in Prague, you would usually visit the churches and look for a quiet trip. There is also the other side of the Czech capital, which not many people would look to visit.

The city has the world’s only sex machines museum that sits among various architectural masterpieces. The museum has much more than just dolls; they have machines that give people all form of sexual pleasure and are definitely the weirdest you will find. With over 200 machines, the museum has machines that were used in brothels to newer flesh-light masturbators in recent times.

The museum gets many visitors every year due to its unique and weird machines and instruments.