A green thumb April!

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Rather than pranking your friends and family this April Fool’s Day, spend the day planting a tree that will benefit you and the future generation.

Spoorthi Seethamma Muruvanda

In our daily lives, we tend to catch a glimpse of several forward messages on Whatsapp, while some are philosophical others are humourous. But, here’s a forward message that will make you want to stop doing everything and take a second to think. The message reads, “Instead of making ‘April Fool’ on 1st April, Plant at least one tree & make April cool”.

At some point in all our lives, April 1st was an extremely exciting day as we gear up to prank our friends and relatives. But, the plight of those lads/lasses born on the first of April is definitely ominous.

Sudhanshu Chauhan, 26, senior backend engineer at Heady says, “My birthday is on the 1st of April and I’m sure everyone knows those imbecile comments we get to hear. This post is such an eye-opener. We must take this initiative serious and plant a tree making April a meaningful month. Global warming is a grave issue and we must stop cutting trees in the name of development rather plant more trees and help the earth recuperate”


Ecologists believe that we need to plant trees and rejuvinate the green belt, but people are being reluctant and are only succumbing to modernisation ultimately bringing trees down.

Manjunath Janakiram, an ecologist explains, “There are several issues that are the consequences of deforestation. Let’s sit up and address these issues. Planting saplings is the only alternative to save the earth. Being a Supreme Court petitioner for Hubli Ankola railway line, I have been fighting to save the entire eco system across the Karnataka Western Ghats belt. Mega ventures such as highways, railway lines and so on are fragmenting our forests. There are over 21 lakh trees in the chopping block. Let’s not fool ourselves today. Our world is crying for attention, afforest or perish!!”

Nature lovers do their best to make mother earth a better place to live in and certainly feel this is a great way to persuade people to plant trees.

Spoorthi Seethamma Muruvanda, a nature lover said, “It’s a wonderful idea. People should get really serious about planting trees and saving water. It’s already too late. I see people bidding for tankers and the highest bidders get the water. This is getting scarier every day. I make sure I educate people, even strangers, if I see them wasting water. Of course, they get annoyed and they don’t like it, but I make sure I do whatever I can. Also, I see a lot of people planting saplings but fail to water them or take care of it later. People should start planting saplings that can grow into big trees and they should take care of them. The government also should make this a priority in their roles. Developing natural resources is true development for a nation.”