This is how I got rid of my joint pain at the age of 50

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Time, life and age, never wait for you! All you have to do is accept them with your open hands.

Accepting ageing gracefully becomes easy with this magic oil. (Photo: File)

And that’s exactly what I did when I was diagnosed with arthritis. I accepted the painful mornings, the heap of medications that my doctor prescribed me, and the food restrictions that would help reduce the pain in my legs, hands and back. My entire body was affected by arthritis and the excruciating pain it causes can never be explained in words. There were days when I would just pray to God to take me away and end this misery. Imagine how you feel, when you can’t get up from the bed to even go to the washroom without someone holding you? When you can’t even wear your own clothes without someone’s help? Accepting my health condition was difficult for me, especially when it was my responsibility to look after my entire family’s needs until I was diagnosed with this painful condition.

I had tried almost everything and anything that was suggested to me to help recover from the pain. I followed ayurvedic herbal treatments, home remedies like heating and applying herbal plant leaves on the joints, taking allopathic medicines, even avoided eating certain food items that increase the arthritis pain in our body. Yes, they were helpful but also left behind a mess which only added a lot of stress later on. My Ayurveda doctor even gave me a herbal oil to rub on all the points that were affected by arthritis. Rubbing the oil on my knees and hands was fine, but rubbing it on my back and other places was also a hassle. I slowly started avoiding the oils despite its good effect on me, only due to its after hassles. That’s when my husband got to learn about Nabhi Sutra from a friend. We ordered online and I was a little tensed about using it. But there was certainly no harm in trying, especially because it was Ayurvedic and I just had to apply 2-3 drops of this magical belly button oil in my nabhi every night instead of rubbing it all across my body.

My Experience

The first day I applied, I just felt a small tingling sensation near my navel. This followed for another 4-5 days. I could feel that the herbal oils were slowly seeping into my body and working from within. Almost after a week, I started feeling the pain in my joints fading away. Yes, the pain was there, but it was not as extreme as it was earlier. This pain was still bearable. That was when I started feeling more confident in this product. I started using it as per the instructions, every single night without fail. It’s almost a month now that I have started using Nabhi Sutra every day as a routine. And the effects are just great. Today, after using the product for a good one entire month, I no longer have to take the pain killers that my doctor had prescribed me. Yes, I still have to take certain supplements to make sure that my arthritis doesn’t damage my bones more, but I no longer need pain killers which are a relief to me.

Why I opted For Nabhi Sutra?

– Nabhi Sutra has the goodness of Ayurvedic herbal oils, almost similar to the ones that my Ayurveda doctor had prescribed for me, except the fact that this medicinal oil was to be rubbed in my Nabhi or navel without any mess.

– The herbal effect of the medicine spread throughout my body via the veins that connect from the Nabhi. The oil helped reduce the pain and strengthened my joints. It also helped my flexibility, allowing me to move without support or help.

– The product improved my digestion and helped cure gastric problems, one of the main reasons for joint pain. Additionally, it also helped in healing inflammation and infection in the body to reduce the pain.

All I want to say is that this product has done wonders for me. Nabhi Sutra has helped me overcome my extremely painful joint pain and slowly look ahead to life. I can now slowly walk around and do some of my routines myself, and it is all because of this magical product. Thank you for re-discovering such an interesting alternative method that was already gifted to us by our ancestors.