How drinking fruit teas can damage your teeth

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Lemon in hot water is just as dangerous if not more.

Representational Image. (Photo: Pixabay)

Drinking fruit teas can be refreshing and delicious.

However, while they may taste refreshing, dentists warn it can be bad for your teeth, the Daily Mail reported.

The acid in these teas erods your teeth and run the risk of you requiring a crown or filling.

Lemon in hot water is just as dangerous if not more, as it contains six times the citric acid concentration of lemonade.

A study by King’s College London’s Dental Institute found people who drink fruit teas twice a day are 11 times more likely to have severe tooth erosion.

"Our study found acidic drinks like fruit teas are very erosive and quite popular," Dr Saoirse O’Toole, lead author of the study, told the Daily Mail.

Adding, "Many of the 300 people with tooth wear we looked at drank lemon and ginger tea or berry teas. There also seems to be a growing trend for people to have hot water and lemon in the morning when they wake up."

Dr O’Toole explained heat raises the level of chemical interaction with the teeth and causes more damage.

Experts warn people to be cautious about drinking harmful acidic products.