6 habits that can lead to back pain

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These everyday practices can trigger chronic back pain.

Chronic back pain is a common problem. (Photo: Representational/Pexels)

Regardless of what your age is, chances are you’re suffering from back pain. The 21st century has been marked by a sedentary lifestyle, thanks to gadgets becoming the convenience tools. So it’s all bound to bring in chronic pain, due to bad posture and our callousness towards correcting it. Here are a few common reasons for back pain:


Smoking has danger written all over it. Apart from being bad for your lungs and health in general, smoking can cause back pain. Nicotine hampers blood flow around the spinal area and this can lead to chronic pain.

Disturbed circadian rhythms

Circadian rhythms dictate your sleep cycle, and any disruption can affect your spinal health. According to researchers, the stability of your sleep cycle is determined by the health of cells in intervertebral disks. There are various reasons for disturbances in our circadian rhythms- age and insomnia are the most prominent ones.  Make sure your schedule doesn’t make you a day zombie.

Wearing uncomfortable shoes

A lot of us wear heels and other shoes that make us uncomfortable just for the sake of making a fashion statement. If you wish to wear sneakers or boots, put on some socks to reduce friction. Also, don’t wear heels if they end up giving sore feet and ankles.

Insufficient rest

Make sure you take some rest even if you feel the slightest sign of back pain. Lie down and stretch your legs and relax, to reduce excessive strain on muscles. While doing this always isn’t quite viable, it’s not a good idea to completely ignore it as well.

Being workaholic

There’s a difference between loving your work and loving your work a bit too much. Take some to rest or play sports, engage in anything that helps you take your mind off work stress. It actually helps in reducing your chances of back pain.

Being on your phone

This one definitely doesn’t come as a surprise. Being constantly on your phone is bound to trigger back pain, because it leads to a loss of natural curve. While ditching your phone completely isn’t easy, it’s always a good idea to curb its usage.