Parents smoking may put kids at risk of ADHD


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The findings added to evidence supporting the need for ADHD prevention strategies.

Representational Image.(Photo: Pixabay)

Washington:  Parents, take note! Your smoking and depression can increase the risk of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in your children, suggests a study.

The findings come from an analysis of information on 23,561 children in Korea.

From a public healthcare perspective, the results illuminate the need to increase awareness of parental factors that have the potential to contribute to ADHD in children. This could be incorporated into 'stop smoking' campaigns or depression self-recognition programs.

"Our finding added to the evidence supporting the need for ADHD prevention strategies and would be helpful in the development of effective public prevention policies intended to promote heathy family environments," said corresponding author Dr. Jin-won Kwon, of Kyungpook National University, in South Korea.

The study appears in the journal Asia Pacific Psychiatry.