5 rice alternatives that are super interesting

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Try these low-calorie options that’ll add a kick to your diet.

Couscous is an excellent rice alternative. (Photo: Representational/Pixabay)

Although rice is a staple dish when it comes to South Asian cuisine, it’s also widely consumed in other parts of the world. While it tastes amazing and can be cooked in a number of ways, it’s not the best option to go for. White rice tends to be high on carbs and calories, so it’s ideal to go for other options, like chopped cabbage, quinoa, and barley among others. Here are a few alternatives to rice that you can try, as suggested by Healthline:

1. Quinoa

Quinoa is a healthy option, and can be experimented with in a number of ways. It also contains a lot of protein. The best part though, is that it is gluten-free. Quinoa also improves bone health, in addition to boosting your energy and metabolism.

2. Chopped Cabbage

Cabbage is another ingredient that’s widely used in South Asian cooking. While it’s a popular salad element, you can also use it as an alternative to rice, because it’s low on calories. As an added bonus, it’s also packed with vitamin C and K.

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3. Barley

Barley is a grain that looks a lot like oats, and is also chewy. Barley has almost the same amount of calories as rice, but it’s still a better alternative, because it contains more proteins and fibres. It takes some time to cook, and make sure you drain the excess water before serving.

4. Whole-Wheat Couscous

Couscous pearls are used in a lot of cuisines, like Israeli, Mediterranean, Lebanese, and Moroccan. Whole wheat couscous is perhaps the best, because it is packed with protein and fibre. They have a unique texture and they go exceptionally well almonds. Look for whole wheat couscous online, because these might not be available in your regular stores.

5. Shirataki Rice

Those who’re on a low-carb diet can rejoice, because Shirataki rice is a good calorie-free version to add to your diet. It contains glucomannan, a unique fibre that’s found in konjac root. It’s also good for protecting your intestine lining, but studies are still being conducted in this regard.