Navratri attire takes inspiration from Kashmir


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Abrogation of Article 370 inspires designs of Garba, Dandiya outfits in Gujarat.

Designer Rahul Thakkar showcases a kurta with 'RIP Article 370, 35A' written on it. (Phoyo: ANI)

India: In a bid to do something unique this Navratri, a city-based fashion designer has tailored special dresses on the theme of abrogation of Article 370 and nullification of 35 A. Every year designer Rahul Thakkar comes up with a different theme, opted for the Kashmiri theme this year and designed Kurta for men which had 'RIP Article 370, 35A' written over it. For women, he has made customised lehenga with similar captions written on them.

In addition to the central theme of article 370, the designer has also used different kinds of floral patterns and vibrant colours to make his dresses more attractive and beautiful. He also stated that his clients are taking his creation very positively and are excited to voice their support for Centre's move by wearing these dresses.

"My clients are in love with this thought of mine. They are feeling that this is something unique and different from what they had been wearing in the past. Some of my customers were so excited to see the designer clothes as they also wanted to spread the message that they are also supporting this in the Garba crowd," said Rahul while talking about the response that he received from the people.

The ongoing festival of Navratri which witnesses celebrations in form 'Dandiya and Garba' events in Gujarat are seeing youngsters flaunting their love and support for article 370 abrogation in different ways. This year, body paint tattoos are also a part of Navratri celebrations and many young girls were spotted getting tattoos of Article 370 designed over their bodies to voice their support for the move.