Education Before Sales - Helping customers in making an Informed Decision


ClickOnCare is a Trademarked Health and Wellness Brand Servicing Domestic and International Markets

Akshat Malik, Founder & CEO with Alan Miller, SVP – Operations

How well do you know your Skincare, Haircare or any other Healthcare & Wellness Product(s) you use - Key Ingredients, Composition? ClickOnCare is trying to overcome this situation by providing and presenting the right kind of knowledge and information that matters.

Products are much more than just flashy discounts, beautiful packaging, and Ads. ClickOnCare has been focused from the start of its operation trying to deliver care with the right knowledge.

With its efforts, ClickOnCare was able to create an environment with its user base, of information which goes above and beyond from just Key Ingredients and Reviews.

The fundamental aim is to make the customer understand what he/she is purchasing and curating suitable product suggestions/options by understanding their situational requirements.

ClickOnCare accomplishes this with its well-portrayed website and mobile application product. Along with this its Customer Support team which is handled by thoroughly trained product specialists to acknowledge all concerns and doubts as they render the customer with detailed and necessary product information like how it works, long term usage advice, dosage or application customization as per body attributes, dedicated suggestions and a plethora of product selection.

The team also follows up with customers for reviews and refills as & when required. By doing this they ensure customer retention by building a healthy informed relationship with them. Alan Miller, SVP – Operations feels, “Going the extra mile by educating the customers helps us forge better relationships with them which is not just limited to one sale.”

Supporting these activities ClickOnCare engages the same beliefs via its Social Media Channels as well. Few of its successful ongoing campaigns are #KnowYourSkinCare, #SkincareWithClickOnCare, #HaircareWithClickOnCare where it shares facts and content, presenting what's needed.

Explaining further on this Akshat Malik, Founder & CEO of explains, "I do like my warehouse busy with moving products but with the right SOP. Unlike others, at COC we do it a little different. Our products are presented with much more than just discounts and attractive images. We serve care with love and dedication. We take immense pleasure and pride in educating our customers with the right and relevant knowledge pertaining to their purchases."

He further explains, "We don't just want sales, we want loyal and happy customers. If you look at our YouTube Channel which has more than 6 lakh+ Subscribers, along with product based content, we also curate Health, Wellness and fact checks around ingredients and composition ; which represents the resolution towards our goal – Education Before Sales."

ClickOnCare is a Trademarked Health and Wellness Brand Servicing Domestic and International Markets. Trusted by Millions of Customers, Thousands of Doctors and Hundreds of Celebrities, it is the Single Largest Online Skin, Hair, Nutrition & Essential Store in India with delivery across the World.

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