CDR row: Tiger's mother Ayesha allegedly spied on Sahil; trouble for Kangana too?

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Mr Siddiqui was summoned for statement as ‘a prime witness’ in the case and that he has been cooperative.

Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut and Ayesha Shroff and Sahil Shroff were both reportedly in a relationship.

Mumbai: The Thane police’s investigation in the case related to illegal procurement by private detectives of call detail records (CDR) has allegedly revealed that yesteryear actor-model Ayesha Shroff, wife of actor Jackie Shroff and mother of Tiger Shroff, allegedly procured details of actor Sahil Khan. 

The police said that she and the actor had a dispute following which she allegedly sought the details to spy on him. The police will summon her for questioning, said a senior officer. She and Khan had filed multiple litigations against each other. Ms Shroff allegedly procured the CDR details, sources claimed.

“We have found that she procured it prima facie and gave it to the lawyer. We will send her summons tomorrow asking her to appear for questioning in the case,” said Abhishek Trimukhe, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Thane Crime Branch (CB). 

The CB officials said that the investigation allegedly indicated that she hinted that she had procured the CDR then given it to a person for using it against Khan. The police is trying to find out who gave the CDR to her.

The unit I officers, interrogating Khan, have found an alleged message sent to him by actress Kangana Ranaut on a lawyer’s mobile phone. “The message stated the name of actor Hritik Roshan and a number with it. We suppose it was the number for which the lawyer procured CDR,” added Mr Trimukhe. 

On her name cropping up in the controversy, Kangana issued a statement, "When we respond to a notice, we give all details to lawyer. To assume that these details were used to violate law and make statements based on that assumption and defame an artist is super lame on Abhishek Trimukhe's part. Proper investigation should be carried out before making assumptions."

Mr Siddique has been remanded to police custody till March 23. Siddique allegedly procured the CDR data for actor Nawazuddin Siddique. However, he was arrested by the Thane police on alleged suspicion of him possibly tampering the evidence. Senior counsel Rizwan Merchant who argued that the crime branch had no reason for arresting the lawyer on baseless grounds represented the arrested lawyer. 

The Bombay high court today directed the state government to produce all records of the arrest of Mr Siddique, accused of illegally possessing the Call Detail Records (CDR) of Mr Siddiqui’s wife. 

Mr Siddique’s wife Tasneem has filed a habeas corpus petition in the high court challenging the manner of his arrest. While carrying out the arrest on war footing, senior Thane police officers also asserted that 

Mr Siddiqui was summoned for statement as ‘a prime witness’ in the case and that he has been cooperative.