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I relate to Jassi: Sonali Nikam

Published : Dec 19, 2015, 10:00 pm IST
Updated : Dec 19, 2015, 10:00 pm IST

Sonali Nikam is excited about playing Jassi, the lead in the new show Aadhe Adhoore on Zindagi.

Sonali Nikam with co-star Rohit Bharadwaj in Aadhe Adhoore.
 Sonali Nikam with co-star Rohit Bharadwaj in Aadhe Adhoore.

Sonali Nikam is excited about playing Jassi, the lead in the new show Aadhe Adhoore on Zindagi.

In the show, her character falls in love with her brother-in-law after the husband goes away for work in the Gulf. It’s also about how she fights social stigma to be with the man she loves.

“I am a Maharashtrian girl, born and brought up in Mumbai. My father is a cop. I had a lot of problems initially getting into showbiz as my parents were dead set against me joining the profession But, somehow, I convinced my father to give me six-seven months to pursue my interest and basically told him that if I wasn’t successful I would do whatever he wanted me to do.”

Talking about the show, she reveals: “I opted for the show because of its unconventional concept. But it’s also very real. Anyone can fall for anyone even after marriage. The situation created in the storyline is very intriguing It’s not the typical bhabhi kind of a role. What happens to her when her husband disappears, the situations she faces and how she handles them is what its all about.

“Jassi loves her family and yet she does not deny herself her desires which have arisen due to the situation. Normally, each one of us do get into such situations, but belonging to an orthodox society, people usually try to hide these feelings but in the show, it is being showcased very clearly. Each has their own perceptions about such relationships, whether to keep it under wraps or reveal it.”

About her character, Sonali says, “Jassi knows how to handle situations. She is the perfect bhabhi, perfect sister, and tries to maintain that perfection in everything. She smartly balances both situations well. And she follows her heart and mind as well according to the situations.”

So, does she identify herself with Jassi “Like Jassi, I too am a very confident girl. If anything wrong is happening I will surely take a stand. It is because of me being determined like Jassi that I was able to pursue my acting career. In spite of my parents not supporting me I have made it here. I am also very emotional like Jassi and would always love to follow my heart always.”

The feedback for the show has been quite good.

“Everyone, from grown-ups to the youth, have liked the show. TV viewers are very smart these days. They know that the show is about something which is very real. I have been getting a great response from everyone.”

The director of this show had also directed Hasratein which was a huge hit. It dealt with a woman who leaves her husband for another man...but in the end her husband meets with an accident and his first wife and family take him back. “Well, I do not know whether Aadhe Adhoore will also have a happy ending or not. And I have not watched Hasratein fully. But I am happy to be working with director Ajay Sinha.”