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Steve Jobs may be rolling in his grave regarding Apple’s current scenario

Published : Aug 24, 2019, 3:14 pm IST
Updated : Aug 24, 2019, 3:14 pm IST

Apple is having a tough time these days as they are failing to keep their products under wraps.

If Jobs was alive, he would have done his best to ensure that the leaks were kept to a minimum. (Photo: AP)
 If Jobs was alive, he would have done his best to ensure that the leaks were kept to a minimum. (Photo: AP)

For years Apple had been renowned for its secrecy and when Apple announced a new product, it actually managed to shock the world. These days, Apple is a far cry from the company that used to be run by Steve Jobs. Apple under the reign of Steve Jobs was a different beast altogether and although there were leaks, people were still surprised at the keynote events. Nowadays, the situation has changed completely with the final design leaking close to four months before Apple even unveils the phone.

For the past few months, there were quite a few leaks trickling in especially surrounding Apple’s decision to add a triple camera setup on the rear of the iPhone 11. However, with the week gone by, this all has changed and there is a mother lode of leaks that tells us virtually everything there is to know about Apple’s upcoming trio of flagship smartphones.

If Steve Jobs was alive now, the leaks would still be coming in and more so than 2011; since this is the age of social media and news spreads faster than a common cold. However, if Jobs was alive, he would have done his best to ensure that the leaks were kept to a minimum as he had always been hell-bent on ensuring the keynote was treated as an Apple product itself. Hence, the “One more thing…” moment would always take the world by storm as they were products that no one even expected coming. These products ranged from new iPod launches to MacBooks and so many other products in between. The “One more thing…” segment was always the highlight of the keynote and a major keynote within the main keynote.

Gone are the days when an Apple event would turn out to be truly exciting.

This year, when Apple launches the iPhone 11 (the name is the only one aspect of the iPhone that’s not been made known) we will consider it to be like just another smartphone launch. There will be no excitement as the design is already out there and its features as well. In the past few years, the features of the handset were all the surprise that was left, but this year, with the massive Bloomberg leak, we now know what the cameras are capable of and even some of the notable omissions such as the 3D Touch feature.

To sum it up, Apple is no longer a brand that has the power to enthral us instead, during the Apple event we are just going to go through the paces as we already know what’s coming.

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