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Apple iPhone X Fold to come with never before seen cutting-edge tech

Published : Sep 16, 2019, 2:59 pm IST
Updated : Sep 16, 2019, 3:03 pm IST

Apple has filed a patent with USPTO that details aspects of a foldable device with cutting-edge technology.

Apple iPhone X Fold will come with a new squeeze feature.
 Apple iPhone X Fold will come with a new squeeze feature.

Apple has only just recently launched its new series of iPhones and the rumours of its upcoming handsets are already leaking online. A new patent that’s been filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office which reveals Apple’s plans for a foldable iPhone that may launch soon.

As per the recently uncovered patent, the foldable handset with a flexible display that overlaps two portions of the Apple device’s housing will feature a squeeze sensor.

As per the ever-vigilant Patently Apple, the patent labelled “Flexible Electronic Devices” is a part of the series of patents which Apple have been applying for since 2011. The report claims that Apple has asked USPTO to protect the ideas or designs for the foldable devices in case the brand uses it in the future.

iPhone X Fold concept

The first part of the patent describes an electronic device that has two portions and fitted in housing; the second part moves in relation with the first. As per a related report by IBTimes, “The housing has a region that connects the first and second portions together by means of a hinge. The device has a flexible display that overlaps the two portions.”

The next aspect of the patent describes a control circuitry that monitors the change in position of the device’s first and second portions. Depending on the change in position of the device’s first and second portion, the circuitry will alter the device’s operating mode.

The next part states that the flexible display produces display content and underneath this, there lies a sensor that can detect a squeeze in the device’s flexible display. IBTimes explains it as “This sensor sends squeeze signals to control circuitry which then changes the content shown on the display in response to squeezes on the flexible display.” This control circuitry is also said to be able to control software applications in response to “squeezes made to the flexible display.” This activated software will then work in changing the content displayed.

iPhone X Fold concept

Lastly, the foldable iPhone will also feature a force sensor and this can be a part of the sensor that detects the squeezes that have been made on the flexible display. This force sensor is said to be located in the flexible display.

Check out this concept video of the iPhone X Fold below.

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