Monday, May 20, 2019 | Last Update : 12:22 AM IST

In Other News

Instagram redesigns Explore to show content of your interest

The Explore tab will now feature a newly designed navigation bar featuring shortcuts to IGTV and Shop.

19 May 2019 11:59 AM

Facebook retweaks News Feed to show relevant content on top

Facebook will also take into account which friends are the closest based on the number of photo tags.

19 May 2019 11:53 AM

Boeing completes 737 Max software update

To date, the company has flown the 737 MAX with updated MCAS software for more than 360 hours on 207 flights.

19 May 2019 11:46 AM

Microsoft's Minecraft Earth is a fitting rival to Pokemon GO

Minecraft Earth is currently limited to beta and users are required to sign up for a chance to play.

19 May 2019 11:33 AM

Google knows about every single purchase you ever made

Google Purchases is a secret entry book of online shopping you never knew existed.

19 May 2019 11:11 AM


Amazon rolls out Kindle Lite app

Kindle Lite weighs 2MB and is a free app for Android devices.

19 May 2019 11:05 AM

Chinese state media hits out at 'fabricated' tech claims

China announced this week it would retaliate against a move by Washington to raise tariffs on USD 200 billion of Chinese imports.

19 May 2019 10:48 AM

Google is shutting down Jump in June

Google has started sending out emails to Jump users, stating the service will end on June 28, 2019.

19 May 2019 10:33 AM

Facebook building its cryptocurrency

The social networking service has reportedly started working on its virtual money.

19 May 2019 10:22 AM

Google under investigation for alleged antitrust abuse

Google had allegedly refused to integrate the app “Enel X Recharge”, developed by utility Enel, in its Android Auto app.

18 May 2019 10:13 AM


Google, Facebook, Twitter rapped for not doing enough in EU fake news fight

The tech giants took a voluntary pledge last October to combat the spread of fake news.

18 May 2019 10:10 AM

GMC trucks to deploy adaptive cruise control system

It features a single high-mounted camera behind the rear view mirror and can bring the Sierra to a complete stop.

18 May 2019 10:09 AM

Hewlett Packard Enterprise to buy supercomputer maker Cray

HPE expects the deal to increase its footprint in federal business and academia, and sell supercomputing products to clients.

18 May 2019 10:07 AM

Facebook breakup would be solution of last resort

Chris Hughes this month used a New York Times opinion piece to urge US regulators to break up the tech giant.

18 May 2019 10:06 AM

Huawei's backup plans leave experts unconvinced

The Trump administration officially added Huawei to a trade blacklist on Thursday.

18 May 2019 10:05 AM


Net neutrality supporter sentenced for death threats to FCC Chairman Pai

A California man was sentenced to 20 months in prison on Friday after pleading guilty.

18 May 2019 10:03 AM

US to help existing customers, may scale back Huawei trade restrictions

In effect, the Commerce Department would allow Huawei to purchase US goods so it can help existing customers.

18 May 2019 10:02 AM

Cloud is going to get you

A distinctive Cloud feature is that it extensively leverages automation which enables continuous improvements.

17 May 2019 7:54 PM

GoZero One: Perfect hybrid E-bike for the riders this summer

The GoZero One E-bike is geared up with BLDC Motor of 250W.

17 May 2019 6:34 PM

Astrum rainbow coloured LED gaming keyboard launched at Rs 999

Astrum KL560 comes with 19 anti-ghosting keys, liquid silicone construction, and multi-color light show.

17 May 2019 5:42 PM