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 All this concern makes sense because a new trend called ‘Sadfishing’ is on the rise online, where people often bloat their problems to gain sympathy.

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Fishing for attention

A recent example includes celebrity Justin Bieber, who wrote a huge post attributing all his mistakes to his mental health issues.

Hema Malini


Hema Malini to pull out of politics

The actress also updated us about her husband Dharmendra’s frightening health condition recently.


Meet the missus

Salman Khan shared her look on social media with an exciting special unit poster that encompassed Rajjo’s swag.


Yeh to same hai: Sunny Singh

Speaking about his friendship with Kartik, the actor is all praise and says he deserves the recognition.


Keep revisiting

Being a band playing jazz music and being a band playing music influenced by jazz are two completely different things.


Kartik Aryan the new Akshay Kumar

No wonder Kartik is seen as the ideal replacement for Akshay.

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Grey goes glam!

More and more people are now sporting grey hair, which has for long been associated with growing old.

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Spilling the tea on tea tree oil

Winter is nigh, so it is time to add this season-friendly oil to your skincare routine.


Donning the festive shades

Be it sarees or fusion wear, delhiites are going gaga over this year’s festive collection.


Immortalising Charles Mingus

The Mingus Dynasty Quintet, one of the oldest jazz bands in New York, continues to interpret and showcase Charles Mingus’ compositions.