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Can the courts shake off the government’s vice-like grip?

Rewind to the 1990s, the last time a semi-elected order was being asphyxiated.

23 Sep 2019 1:10 AM

Tax reform in driblets keeps the party going

Readers will recall the short history of corporate tax reductions under Modi 1.0.

23 Sep 2019 1:09 AM

Traffic fines need to be effective, not excessive

It is true that the new penalties are a quantum jump over the rates prevailing earlier.

22 Sep 2019 3:53 AM

Non-sequitur from PMO; AAP too plays the caste card

Consequently, she has been a regular visitor to art events in the capital, making it a point to spend quality time studying the exhibits.

22 Sep 2019 3:30 AM

Imran doesn’t have 2nd-rung leaders to help him run PTI

Especially jarring was the absence of worthy enough PTI politicians in Karachi and Lahore.

21 Sep 2019 2:11 AM


Migrants try to better lives: Why get so riled?

All this suggests that Indians have done very well by crossing borders in search of a better life.

21 Sep 2019 2:09 AM

Does BJP desire to rule India like China’s Reds?

It is Shah’s democratic right to cast doubts about the efficacy of the multi-party democratic system in India.

20 Sep 2019 1:36 AM

Hindi push assault on diversity, India’s spirit

Language connects and unites, but it could also be a major cause of conflict and disintegration.

19 Sep 2019 2:56 AM

In unequal societies, leaders not like all others

Domestic servants tend to be seated on different tables at restaurants because they are usually not allowed at the dining table in homes either.

18 Sep 2019 1:46 AM

Attitudes on inter-faith marriage must change

It is true that there are more inter-caste and inter-faith marriages today than in the distant past.

18 Sep 2019 1:43 AM


Is Boris riding a tiger, desperate to get off?

Alongside, court proceedings have been instigated in Scotland and England.

17 Sep 2019 1:18 AM

How the Great Game is still on in Afghanistan

The Taliban rubbed in their advantage by further threatening that hereon the situation “will lead to more losses to the US”!

16 Sep 2019 2:20 AM

Still a hybrid regime, with Imran on a sticky wicket

A lot has already gone wrong and the stuff that has gone wrong is obvious for two reasons.

16 Sep 2019 2:16 AM

Media and fascists: Lessons of history

The Fascists believed that this aspect was critical to reshaping their intrinsic internalisation of Fascism in perpetuity.

15 Sep 2019 12:00 AM

Tinkering isn’t enough: Time for basic reforms

An interest burden growing faster than GDP growth by 2.5 percentage points is not a comforting signal for fiscal stability.

14 Sep 2019 7:04 AM


A new divide in education over digital learning, Internet access

The same sort of debate occurred, to use one example, over mathematical calculations.

14 Sep 2019 7:00 AM

Win hearts & minds in J&K, normalise Valley

The Indian delegation led by Ms Vijay Thakur Singh, secretary (east) in the external affairs ministry, rebutted in kind.

13 Sep 2019 12:00 AM

Strongmen with staying power: Why Pak won’t figure on list

Pakistan’s name would not appear on a list of states headed by strongmen who have stayed (or continue to be) in power for such periods.

12 Sep 2019 12:02 AM

In J&K war of words, is Pak being cleverer?

After August 5, when India changed the status of Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan has adopted a two-pronged diplomatic strategy to take it on.

12 Sep 2019 12:00 AM

Rule or retreat? How an army determines it is time to back off

There is near-consensus now that military rule or even its role in politics is harmful for states and armies.

11 Sep 2019 2:44 AM