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In a first, Texas state backs Trump's travel ban

The order banned refugees for 120 days, except those from Syria, who were banned indefinitely.

17 Feb 2017 12:49 PM

US-born Muslim scientist detained, forced to unlock NASA-issued phone

CAIR filed numerous complaints against CBP for demanding that Muslim-American citizens give up their details when they return to US.

14 Feb 2017 12:03 PM

Woman pilot removed after ranting over divorce, Trump

A passenger on the flight said the pilot, who was not in uniform, ‘started to rant to the passengers’ over the plane's intercom.

13 Feb 2017 10:38 AM

US: Indian-American girl nominated for top award in arts

Shreya Bhadriraju has been nominated by The National YoungArts Foundation for exemplary artistic excellence.

07 Feb 2017 3:51 PM

Need to get rid of Indians: Letter at South Asian family's door

The regional Anti-Defamation League office is seeing an uptick in reports of racially offensive leaflets in the first month of 2017.

06 Feb 2017 3:10 PM


'Go back, need to get rid of Indians': Asian family wakes up to hate crime letter

The family, described as Asian by family friend Tony Wadhawan, is too frightened to report it to police, much less discuss it publicly.

05 Feb 2017 10:15 AM

Bill Gates could become world's 1st trillionaire: Oxfam

When Gates left Microsoft in 2006, his net worth was USD 50 billion, according to Oxfam.

25 Jan 2017 9:43 AM

The moonwalker with message of peace dies at 82

Cernan was commander of Nasa’s Apollo 17 mission and on his third space flight when he set foot on the lunar surface.

18 Jan 2017 2:36 AM

Bill Gates invests $140 million in HIV cure

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is providing this funding for groundbreaking new technology which could revolutionise HIV prevention.

05 Jan 2017 5:29 AM

US: Pakistani restaurant attacked twice in suspected hate attack

Asad Khan said his eatery was covered in bacon and he has also received five threatening calls telling him to go back to Pakistan.

05 Dec 2016 8:31 PM


Baby girl in US ‘born twice’ after miracle surgery

A baby girl in the US was successfully “born” for the second time, after being taken out of her mother’s womb for 20 minutes at 23 weeks of pregnancy for a groundbreaking surgery to save her life.

26 Oct 2016 12:21 AM

Indian-American professor named future leader of audiology

An Indian-American associate professor at Lamar University in Texas has been named to the 2016 class of the ‘Jerger Future Leaders of Audiology’ by the American Academy of Audiology.

03 Oct 2016 7:20 AM

Over 1000 attend candlelight vigil for cops killed in Dallas shooting

Portraits of the five slain officers were propped up in front of the speaker's platform surrounded by flowers.

12 Jul 2016 2:31 PM

iPhones to shut off cameras at concerts

Using iPhones to record at live shows might become a thing of the past as Apple won a US patent for a technology that can force your iPhone into disabling video-recording mode at concert venues.

02 Jul 2016 3:06 AM

US dream of Copa shock against Argentina in semi-finals

Jurgen Klinsmann is daring to dream that the United States can pull off mission improbable in the Copa America Centenario semi-finals here on Tuesday as the hosts face a Lionel Messi-inspired Argentin

21 Jun 2016 12:19 AM


Raja Rao’s archives acquired by Texas University in Austin

Renowned Indian-American author and philosopher Raja Rao’s archive that includes a broad range of materials from unpublished works to manuscripts of his well-known novels has been acquired by the Univ

17 Jun 2016 12:20 AM

Woman falls over and regains sight after 20 years

A 70-year-old woman in Florida, who was been blind for over 20 years, has regained her sight after falling over and hitting her head at her home, baffling her neurosurgeon who says it is a “true mirac

08 May 2016 11:36 PM

US shale oil crisis may end cheap oil

The rout in crude prices is snowballing into one of the biggest avalanches in the history of corporate America, with 59 oil and gas companies now bankrupt after this week’s filings for creditor protec

05 May 2016 2:44 AM

Indian-American physician jailed for USD 3mln healthcare fraud

Paramjit Singh Ajrawat, was ordered to forfeit and pay restitution of USD 3 million in federal court in Greenbelt.

19 Apr 2016 11:42 AM

Taliban app removed from Google Play

Internet giant Google has removed a propaganda app created by Taliban militants over hate speech concerns.

08 Apr 2016 6:21 AM