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ISIS suicide blasts kill 26 soldiers

The Islamic State (ISIS) jihadist group has expanded its control inside an eastern Syrian city after clashes and suicide attacks killed at least 26 regime fighters, a monitor said.

25 Dec 2015 5:59 AM

‘Russia raids in Syria may be war crimes’

Amnesty International said on Wednesday that nearly three months of Russian air raids in Syria have killed hundreds of civilians, many in targeted strikes that could constitute war crimes.

24 Dec 2015 2:16 AM

‘Israel raids’ kill Hezbollah militant in Syria

An Israeli airstrike killed Hezbollah militant leader Samir Qantar in Damascus early on Sunday, the Lebanese group and Syrian state media said.

21 Dec 2015 3:30 AM

Suspected Russia raids kill 32 civilians in north Syria: report

Six children and eleven women among dead; dozens wounded.

18 Dec 2015 3:51 PM


Lebanon arrests former MP in connection with Kadhafi kidnap case

Yaacoub to undergo further questioning and will be held until authorities decide whether

18 Dec 2015 2:38 PM

Syria rebels decry truce talks

Syria’s Al Qaeda affiliate on Saturday rejected the outcome of an Opposition summit that agreed to negotiate with President Bashar al-Assad, and Russia denounced the gathering in Saudi Arabia as unrep

14 Dec 2015 6:22 AM

Muammar Gaddafi’s son briefly abducted in Lebanon

A son of Libya’s late leader Muammar Gaddafi was briefly kidnapped in Lebanon by militants demanding information about the fate of a Shia cleric who went missing in Libya decades ago, a security offic

13 Dec 2015 2:49 AM

Iran to sign $3 billion gas contract with consortium of Indian companies

The goal of developing the first phase is to produce one billion cubic feet of natural gas each day.

07 Dec 2015 10:11 AM


Islamic State child soldiers kill captives in gruesome video

Child soldiers have been typically used to man checkpoints or gather intelligence.

04 Dec 2015 10:21 AM

Syria's al-Qaida branch releases captive Lebanese soldiers

The release is part of a Qatar-brokered deal

01 Dec 2015 3:05 PM

Strikes on Islamic State city, focus of international campaign, kill 8

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights put death toll at 12, including five children

27 Nov 2015 4:36 PM

Sirens ring out as air strikes hit ISIS's Syria stronghold

A US-led coalition and Russia have stepped up air strikes on the jihadists

27 Nov 2015 11:09 AM

‘Rebels kill one pilot, 2nd missing’

One Russian pilot of a warplane downed by Turkey over Syria on Tuesday was killed by rebels and the second is missing after they both parachuted, rebel and Opposition sources said.

24 Nov 2015 10:42 PM


One Russian pilot of downed jet dead; NATO calls for emergency meet

Videos circulating online show the dead pilot surrounded by rebels from different factions

24 Nov 2015 5:55 PM

Female suicide bomber in France one of many in history

Islamic militant groups have occasionally deployed women to carry out such attacks

19 Nov 2015 12:48 PM

French, Russian raids kill 33 of ISIS

French and Russian airstrikes in northern Syria have killed at least 33 jihadists with the Islamic State (ISIS) group in the last 72 hours, a monitoring group said on Wednesday.

19 Nov 2015 12:43 AM

Al-Qaeda in Syria claims downing two Russian drones

The group even posted a picture of wreckage in a large plain

18 Nov 2015 5:19 PM

Islamic State militants dig in, anticipating assault on Syria's Raqqa

Anti-IS forces have been advancing gradually toward Raqqa with backing from American-led

18 Nov 2015 12:41 PM