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Iran's president threatens response to new US sanctions on nuclear deal

Iran's parliament on Tuesday voted to streamline a bill that would increase funding for the country's missile programme.

19 Jul 2017 6:37 PM

Iran appoints first woman CEO for national airline

Farzaneh Sharafbani, 44, holds a PhD in aerospace engineering and previously served on the board of Iran Air.

12 Jul 2017 4:07 PM

Terrorist Baghdadi is definitely dead: Iran confirms ISIS leader’s demise

Baghdadi has frequently been reported killed or wounded since he declared a caliphate to rule over all Muslims in 2014.

30 Jun 2017 12:30 PM

US’ eyes closed to main perpetrators of terrorist acts: Iran on Trump’s travel ban

The administration says the restrictions are needed to keep out terrorists while it tightens vetting procedures.

28 Jun 2017 2:38 PM

Iran seeks stronger ties with Qatar: President Rouhani

Hassan Rouhani added that threats and sanctions were not the correct way of solving problems between countries.

26 Jun 2017 12:33 PM


Iran's Revolutionary Guard strikes Syria for Tehran attacks

On June 7, gunmen and suicide bombers attacked the parliament complex and the shrine of revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

19 Jun 2017 9:24 AM

Iran books ticket to 2018 World Cup finals

Iran confirmed their spot with a 2-0 victory over Uzbekistan at the Azadi Stadium here.

13 Jun 2017 11:33 AM

Iran tracks down, kills 4 ISIS suspects post Tehran twin attacks

At least 41 ISIS suspects have been arrested since the attacks, according to Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi.

12 Jun 2017 3:00 PM

Post Gulf crisis, Qatar gets 5 planes, 3 shiploads of food from Iran

Iran has urged Qatar and neighbouring Gulf countries to engage in dialogue to resolve their dispute.

12 Jun 2017 8:09 AM

Iran's security forces kill main commander, mastermind of Tehran terror attacks

According to a judiciary official, Iranian authorities have also arrested 7 people it suspects of helping militants involved in attacks.

11 Jun 2017 3:25 PM


Iran arrests 8 suspects linked to Tehran attacks

Iran police chief Gen Hossein Ashtari said several people with connections to the attackers were arrested around the capital area.

10 Jun 2017 2:34 PM

Iran: 41 ISIS suspects arrested after Tehran twin attacks

Documents and equipment ‘for carrying out terrorist operations’ were also seized, the ministry said in a statement.

09 Jun 2017 7:10 PM

Iran turns wrath on US, Saudi as attacks dead mourned

Burials were held in the provinces for the two others killed when gunmen and suicide bombers stormed Tehran's parliament complex.

09 Jun 2017 6:48 PM

Iran leader Khamenei says ISIS twin attacks won’t affect will of people

The assault was the first claimed by the ISIS in Iran, and was the worst terror strike to hit the nation in years.

08 Jun 2017 11:17 AM

12 dead as ISIS attacks Iran Parliament, shrine

Rare terror siege lasts for 5 hours, all holed-up gunmen killed.

08 Jun 2017 2:03 AM


4 terrorists involved in Iran Parliament attack shot dead

7 people have reportedly been killed in attack on the Iranian Parliament.

07 Jun 2017 6:06 PM

ISIS claims attacks on Iran parliament, Khomeini's shrine killing 12

There are also reports of a third attack at a metro station but it is not clear if these incidents are connected.

07 Jun 2017 11:55 AM

Iran says Trump's withdrawal from Paris climate pact will isolate US

'The global community must compel new US administration to implement its international commitments precisely and completely', Ghasemi said.

04 Jun 2017 12:21 PM

35 injured in massive blast in Southern Iran

The walls of the store have collapsed because of the force of the blast which also damaged nearby shops and houses.

03 Jun 2017 5:15 PM

Post elections, Iran strikes back at US with more reciprocal sanctions

Iran’s Foreign Ministry published a new sanctions list on its website Saturday, which added nine targets.

21 May 2017 8:37 AM