Women with more than 10 sexual partners may be infertile

Research also pointed out that women who had become sexually active at a very young age are eight times more likely to be infertile.

Sex is widely discussed part of life and well being of an individual, as the present generation is more aware of their sexuality. Online dating apps coupled with less conservative approach of the society has made dating easier along with helping people have sex more frequently.

Having multiple sexual partners is not particularly unusual for most young people in the world today, and it hasn’t been reported as an unhealthy practice. But a new study suggests that women who have had more than 10 different partners in bed are at a higher risk of being infertile.

The pelvic inflammatory disease causes infertility along with lasting abdominal pain, and the study found that women who have had sex with 10 men are three times more likely to be affected by the disorder. The disease is caused by unattended bacterial infections such as Chlamydia.

The study added that the disease was eight times more likely to hit women who started having sex at a very young age, and can also cause fever and even pain while urinating.

Practicing safe sex and regular check ups are some of the steps recommended for keeping infections causing the disease at bay.

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