Tuesday, Sep 17, 2019 | Last Update : 02:38 PM IST

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Sevgi Eren talks about how she became a top jewellery and lifestyle influencer

Blogging has become the most popular profession in today’s time, thanks to the rapid growth of social media.

17 Sep 2019 12:07 PM

Social activism to Bollywood - Its Producer Christopher Ferry for you!

Christopher Ferry, a renowned US based social activist, has planned his foray into Bollywood as a director of a big budget movie.

17 Sep 2019 12:02 PM

Ahmet Oytun Cakir talks about his blog ‘Harleybaba’ and his upcoming website

Ahmet Oytun Cakir popularly known as ‘Harleybaba’ is a motorcycle blogger who keeps his followers updated about the latest motorbikes.

17 Sep 2019 11:31 AM

Rochak Tathya to launch their own app, Founder Tushar Ganeriwal shares future plans

Rochak Tathya is leading Hindi fact sharing portal in India.

17 Sep 2019 9:54 AM

‘One burger with fries, officer’

The Delhi railway police’s helpline has been flooded with such inane requests from passengers, much to the cops’ annoyance.

17 Sep 2019 1:10 AM


Don’t go with your gut

A recent study conducted by HealthifyMe has revealed that about 63 per cent of employees in India, are now overweight.

17 Sep 2019 1:10 AM

Celebrities on the ramp: Yay or nay?

Unlike the West, India’s fashion industry is driven by Bollywood and not the designers, so actors carry higher brand equity than a designer at times.

17 Sep 2019 12:04 AM

Timeless Timepieces

India’s first online watch auction brings together the old-world charm of antique watches and their modern counterparts.

17 Sep 2019 12:04 AM

Curb the drink!

A study by the American Addiction Centre blames alcohol addiction can be a reason for marriages to fall apart.

17 Sep 2019 12:04 AM

7 dog breeds that can help you sleep

If you feel scared or lonely at bedtime, let these furry fellows help you.

16 Sep 2019 7:30 PM


Influencer Siddharth Sharma leading from front and influencing the youth

The youth of any country plays a significant role in its growth and development.

16 Sep 2019 1:29 PM

Zack Snare: Splendid DJ with resonating music aura

Zack Snare aka Naveen is a successfull and most favorable DJ of Delhi, India.

16 Sep 2019 1:18 PM

Meet real influencer Sama Dizayee: Journalist who doesn't believe in boundaries

Sama Dizayee, what will you her call her; an anchor, a journalist, a writer, a photographer or a filmmaker?

16 Sep 2019 1:12 PM

Hamed Amiran passed all the hurdles of his life, influences others with his lifestyle

Even in a slowdown, this business has good things to offer.

16 Sep 2019 1:07 PM

Rochak Tathya to launch their own app, Founder Tushar Ganeriwal shares future plans

Founder Tushar Ganeriwal shares his future plans.

16 Sep 2019 12:35 PM


What an odd move

The Odd-Even initiative is making a comeback to the city this November.

16 Sep 2019 8:03 AM

Bad Salsa breaks barriers

A Mumbai-based salsa dance duo Sonali-Bivash wooed the judges of Britain’s Got Talent with their energetic and unique style.

16 Sep 2019 7:41 AM

She’s ‘Arm’ed to face the future

The first batch is set to start training from December and by 2021, the first batch of women soldiers will be commissioned.

16 Sep 2019 12:44 AM

Travel with pride?

Pink tourism is not only opening new avenues for the LGBTQ+ community to travel but it is also adding to the nation’s economy.

16 Sep 2019 12:01 AM

Meet Ami Rawal Desai a South Asian who turned her passion into a job in Hollywood

We see beauty influencers everywhere and one main thing they have in common is their age; they're all young!

15 Sep 2019 11:40 AM