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Entrepreneurial journey of a millionaire: Josue Arteaga

Published : Sep 21, 2019, 7:22 am IST
Updated : Nov 5, 2019, 2:52 pm IST

His journey did not begin with some bright idea; it began due to the tough situations life puts us in.

Josue Arteaga (Photo: File)
 Josue Arteaga (Photo: File)

At the age of 17, his mother fell ill and thus required expensive surgery but to make matters worse, his father lost his job, therefore his entire family was put into this very tough situation where they were stuck. Arteaga knew time was extremely valuable so instead of being sad or stressed he began to brainstorm ways to make money to help his family. He began studying SEO, the online marketing space while also converting clients from Neil Patel. But he knew, he had to try other things, therefore he tried a handful of different business ventures to bring in money.

He obtained a marketing job with a local bar but had to leave it because it wasn’t working out as he had hoped. He kept trying and trying other business moves but nothing seemed to work until he launched his t shirt business. This business venture seemed to have some upside as he quickly saw a little bit of revenue come in. Unfortunately, his website was shut down due to copyright issues and he had to refund all of the revenue he had earned. He then learned about email and its power, so he made an email list and was able to sell it for $300. This was his first taste of success, although it was minimal, it was still a win nonetheless.

After selling the email list, he went on to write articles that turned into high-end publications. Arteaga’s would interview famous guests with millions of followers on social platforms and started consulting with clients to do the same. He charged $5,000-$10,000 which led to him starting his personal branding company. This business venture resulted in Arteaga making $144,000 annually at only the age of 19.

Things were starting to look up for the young entrepreneur but then things once again went south. Arteaga had to deal with betrayal when there was a disagreement in pay with this company and was forced to move on and find a new business venture to focus on. He has now merged his personal branding business with Disrupt media where he is now the acting vice president.

Things would turn for the best when an old college friend approached him with the intention of getting an investment from Arteaga for his father’s meat market. Arteaga knew this was an opportunity he couldn’t say no to, therefore he stopped his expensive spending habits and saved up $60,000 to invest. Due to this investment, Arteaga is now making two million dollars in revenue annually from meat markets alone and owns a one million dollar asset and has major plans for growth and expansion. He has been able to make great connections with high-end corporate CEO’s because of his successful investment.

Arteaga has great plans for himself as a venture capitalist. He is on track to open four more locations in a year which will add three to four million additional dollars in annual revenue. In the next seven years, Arteaga envisions himself owning 1,000 meat markets which will amass a billion dollars in revenue, at least that’s his vision. He sees no limits for himself and the goals he dares to pursue.

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