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It’s time to break the taboo

Published : Feb 11, 2019, 6:32 am IST
Updated : Feb 11, 2019, 6:32 am IST

How women need to give more importance to their comfort than what they are taught from childhood.

The most trending topic nowadays, especially after Padman’s release, is that what the future is of feminine sanitation in India.
 The most trending topic nowadays, especially after Padman’s release, is that what the future is of feminine sanitation in India.

A 26 year old entrepreneur , Gauri Singhal, has the vision to reach out to every woman with a one-stop solution brand for feminine hygiene. Starting at a really young age, she has led and built a consumer brand and a family venture, Sharp Foods in the staples category to a 100-crore turnover consumer brand in a span of 3 years. Sharp Foods is present in over 8,000 locations across India. 2019 is a year when women are becoming more conscious about taking better care of their personal needs. India despite being in a better state than what it used to be five years ago, has a long way to go in the matter of female hygiene. Thus, till date women themselves do not want to indulge in religious activities during their menstrual days. But it is high time to break the ancient concept.

The most trending topic nowadays, especially after Padman’s release, is that what the future is of feminine sanitation in India. Gauri quite frankly shares that, “The feminine hygiene market in India stands at $340 million and is expected to reach $522 million in 2020. Currently, 86% of the market is dominated by sanitary pads. However, with more innovative, affordable and high-quality alternatives such as tampons entering the market, this figure is set to transform. Currently, tampons are used by just 1% of women using feminine hygiene product. However, they will continue to capture a larger share in the market in the years to come, given the rising awareness around the importance of feminine hygiene, increasing disposable income and financial independence among women.”

Tampons and menstrual cups are new terms to a whole lot even in this modern era. Though, due to the influence of the westernization, tampons are a known think for urban people. But lots of them will try and gain a full review before even thinking of buying one. So the market growth in India for tampons is a mystery to a lot. But, Gauri differs to this point. She says, “Several forward-thinking brands and start-ups across the country are now identifying the lack of awareness around tampons and making significant efforts towards raising awareness and removing the taboo around their use. Once women in India realize the superior nature of tampons as compared to other options, the market is going to witness hockey stick growth. This shift is not going to be restricted to urban parts of the country, but will be across all socio-economic sectors. Tampons are a solution that can be embraced by all age groups across demographics, which is why gargantuan growth is projected for the category.”

It may sound absurd to an urban chick, but women still avoid using tampons to some extent. Some even still prefer cloth over sanitary napkins. Gauri thinks that the reason behind this is, “The apprehension towards tampons is primarily due to the fact that we have grown up using sanitary pads and have had little to no exposure to tampons. Since we do not hear about tampons through television or other advertisements either, the idea of using them becomes stranger. Further, as they are internal use products, there are also a lot of myths around tampons right from difficulty in usage to high costs which give rise to further trepidation about their use. However, through rampant word of mouth, an increasing number of women are making the switch and sticking to tampons thanks to the convenience and comfort that they offer.”

Some people keep complaining that sanitary pads keep causing rashes. According to a recently conducted survey, customers usually complain of a constant feeling of wetness. While sanitary pads are a great product, they do suffer from some drawbacks where a product category such as tampons and menstrual cups will succeed. In comparison to sanitary pads, Tampons are highly portable and pocket friendly. They are also easily disposable. Many women complain that pads are uncomfortable when fitted clothes are worn. Tampons are undetectable in any kind of clothing. Women have the flexibility to bathe or go swimming without having to remove their tampon. Whatever it is, it’s high time that the hush tone is broken and people come forward and speaks up for them and opines about what’s good and what’s bothering them. But the ultimate choice is yours. Whatever makes you comfortable is the ultimate solution for your period days.

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