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The lady is a Star

Published : Jan 4, 2019, 12:10 am IST
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The mother of two and a very supportive wife, Simran has a unique family which thrives on leading a meaningful life.

Simran with her family
 Simran with her family

This Bengaluru-based Kathak dancer was crowned the winner of the Mrs Universe Pageant held in Portugal. The beautiful and talented mother is thrilled at the accolade as she enters the new year with renewed belief.

She shone, and spread her grace and beauty across the world. Meet Simran Godhwani, a 37-year-old Bengaluru-based Kathak dancer who was crowned the winner of the Mrs Universe Pageant in Portugal, Miss Lady Star Universe 2018 on November 24 in Mealhada (Portugal). She also bagged the award for best talent and best gown at the event.

Thrilled about her win, Simran says, “I feel blessed, happy and proud to be the first married Indian woman at a Mrs Universe pageant to be awarded the Miss Lady Star Universe crown in India. The pageant was held for a period of seven days and every day, we had different rounds — talent, national costume, gowns, Mrs photogenic, etc. The motto of the event was to be ‘Graciously Beautiful’ as the pageant entrusts the winners to be gracious, kind and pleasant to people from all walks of life, and to be tolerant and respectful to all cultures across the globe.”

In a chat with The asian age, Simran shares about her love for Kathak, what inspires her and what she plans next...

Born in India and raised in London and Dubai, this computer science graduate who worked for over four years with an IT major in Bengaluru followed her heart to pursue her passion for Kathak.

She says, “My relationship with Kathak started with my love for Krishna, his stories that I relished as a young child and folk tales from his childhood and youth that were carved into the various temples that I visited. I started pursuing Kathak with my Guru Shri Murari, a disciple of the legendary Kathak guru, Pandit Birju Maharaj. And it blossomed when I watched this maestro perform Makhan Chor in one of his performances. There has been no looking back ever since. I left my corporate job to pursue Kathak full time.”

She has essayed various lead roles in dance dramas like Radha, Yashoda, Bansuri, etc and  has danced as a Kathak soloist in various national and international dance festivals. She is the founder and creative director of Krshálá Dance Theatre in Koramangala.  The story of her life has also been featured in the book Turning Points of Uncommon People which was authored by IIT Chennai and IIMB Alumnus, Anvita Bajpai.

When asked who she draws inspiration from, Simran says, “My mother-in-law, Savitri Godhwani. A doctor by profession whom I have seen adapting to various situations and circumstances in life with utmost grace, poise and dignity. She has always supported and encouraged me in everything that I have embarked upon.”

The mother of two and a very supportive wife, Simran has a unique family which thrives on leading a meaningful life. With no television in the house, they read, go trekking and an vacations for entertainment. They are also part of an NGO which works with rural children and play an active role in helping the children and making their lives more meaningful.

She has collaborated with popular artists including Fabienne Courmont, a contemporary dancer from France; Irma Cardano, a renowned ballet dancer from Italy; a Flamenco dancer from Spain among many others. Apart from dance, she also enjoys reading the Bhagvad Gita and The Mahabharata and their interpretations by various authors.

Performing in the city towards the end of January or early February, she is currently working on a solo production on the revival of thumris by Kathak dancers that were used during the Mughal period.

“One of my future plans is to understand how I can leverage digital technology to reach out to students who would love to learn Kathak from various parts of the world,” concludes Simran, when asked what she plans next.

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