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Plume it with subtlety

Published : Jan 28, 2019, 12:08 am IST
Updated : Jan 28, 2019, 12:08 am IST

Feathers this season can be added to any part of outfit making it a very versatile trend!

Anushka Sharma’s lavendar gown has just the right amount of colour.
 Anushka Sharma’s lavendar gown has just the right amount of colour.

This trend will literally have your heart fluttering and flying. The feather trend has designers going ga-ga over it and a lot of them have been experimenting with this trend. The best thing about this trend is that it can be incorporated into various parts of your outfits like earrings, neck pieces, bags and even shoes. With a long list of celebrities including Blake Lively who wore a champagne coloured fitted gown with blue and navy feathers as a train, designers suggest to involves some amount of feathers if not a lot into your wardrobe.

Designer Prerana Sarkar says, “Feathers are everywhere in the fashion world lately. From feather hair extensions, to jewellry, to prints and textiles. Feathers are no longer restricted to costumes or haute couture, they have gone mainstream. Feather are not only for winters but also for a spring summer collection.” Designer Shriya Joshi is of the opinion that this trend is all about maximal-ism. She adds, “It is becoming the second favourite  choice of designers, first being fur. This season we witness feathers being used very creatively as they are used in footwear and accessories along with clothes.” But they caution that if you go overboard with this, you will end up looking like a canary. Designer Sparsha KP says, “A gown with a feathered yoke top and a leather skirt would look great for a special event.” But feathered gowns is limited to only a red carpet event. What about everyday life? “You can wear a pair of bell bottom pants or jumpsuits which the bottom line decorated with a thin line of feathers or one can also flaunt a spaghetti top with a simple touch of feathers on its neck line and wear jeans with it.” Feathers are perfect for the night but for a day? Sparsha suggests, “While feathers are perfect for outfits for a party, feathers in the form of bags, earrings and accessories can be worn during the day.”

Minimalist with jewellery is the way forward with this trend. “Always go for minimal jewellry with this trend. You might end up looking clumsy with heavy jewellery as your dress is already ornate with feathers.” Looking like a bird will be your biggest worry with this trend. Shriya adds, “Have fun with this trend, experiment with your style and get out of your comfort zone. You will be surprised by the outcome. With this trend confidence is the key. Don’t overdo feathers, you surely don’t want to look like a bird, but that doesn’t mean you don’t try this trend at all.”

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