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Strokes of balance

Published : Sep 20, 2019, 1:36 am IST
Updated : Sep 20, 2019, 1:36 am IST

It’s all about the interplay of ‘nature the creator’ and ‘man the destroyer’ in this exhibition.


“‘Transiting Space’ refers to the dual nature of the landscape. The duality speaks of construction and destruction,” says artist Shivani Garg, while describing the crux of her latest solo exhibition in the city titled ‘Transiting Space’.

 Urbanisation is the broad theme of Shivani’s exhibition. But more than that, she explains, it is about advancement in technology in the face of the destruction taking place in the form of pollution, deforestation, etc. This way, the artist is trying to spread the message of balancing the harmony and turbulence that exist in the environment.

 Speaking of her efforts, Shivani continues, “I have tried to use textures, pen works, drawings, shapes, and colours that are trying to balance and coordinate the various elements in a work, and also bring a sense of spontaneity” The efforts towards coordination and spontaneity, according to her, was the greatest challenge she faced while creating these works.

Bewitching	Bewitching

 In the style of painting she has employed here, she hasn’t gone for many bright colours. Instead of using simple vibrant shades, she has used more white to bring out the pastel effect.

She explains, “I experiment mixing two-three colours and see what colour has come out and then I mix the white, which really comes out beautifully.”

Talking about her style, she continues, “I like to bring out the architectural elements in my painting, using textures and lines landscape, lighting colours, textures, and paper and acrylic sheets, which adds to the quality and experience of the whole space.” One particular painting she highlights has her showcase  the demolition of a monument in the form of fragmented textures lines and shapes, known as ‘Blue Series’. It has a colour combination of blue and white to bring the effect of debris.

“I cannot stick to one technique for a long time and I keep on experimenting with something or the other, and the last work I have done was with paper, grey sheet and foil, which is also one of the works in my exhibition,” she concludes.

–– The exhibition is ongoing at Triveni Kala Sangam in New Delhi until September 30.

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