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  24 Sep 2020  Aman Saha, the marketing guru, is driving the affiliate marketing industry insane

Aman Saha, the marketing guru, is driving the affiliate marketing industry insane

Published : Sep 24, 2020, 7:39 pm IST
Updated : Sep 24, 2020, 7:39 pm IST

Youngsters need to get one fact stuck in their head: passion is a key factor to attain success

Aman Saha, online marketing expert
 Aman Saha, online marketing expert

The world is full of creativity, new and innovative ideas are popping up from different minds, and all of this is making the world more competitive. It is the need of the hour to sell what you have, which brings you to the path of marketing. And with the growing use of the internet, everything is going digital. Many big brands and industries are in the market and it’s hard to compete with them. One needs to work hard but hard work doesn’t always give you a fruitful result, to get a good result you need to put more focus on smart work and not just hard work.

Aman Saha, a young online marketing expert, is living proof of success and is recognized as one of the top marketing gurus. Scrolling through his Instagram handle amansaha01 will take you through the highlights of his life and his hard work in the area of marketing.


Affiliate marketing business is on its peak. This demonstrates how quickly the business is developing, and it gives no indications of easing back down at any point in the near future. Aman Saha, who began his career as a website developer, is currently one of the stalwarts of affiliate marketing. He is one of the youngest online marketing experts who has mastered the industry with his sheer hard work, relentless dedication, and excellent marketing skills.

The idea of marketing has been around for quite a long time and has continued changing as a reaction to changing consumer behavior, innovation, and market patterns. Traditional Marketing approaches were the standard; however, in the digital world of today, marketing and advertising have moved drastically to adjust to the evolving times.


With the expansion of the internet and the far-reaching utilization of internet-enabled devices, the market strategies have totally evolved. Affiliate Marketing is a well-known method by which organizations are expanding their deals through online mediums. In this course of action, brand owners connect with such people who market their products on social media. 

Debates never stop on how safe is the career of affiliate marketing and what will be the result of pursuing it. Youngsters fear failures and try to keep themselves away from it. Aman, on the other hand, explains that it’s normal and can happen irrespective of the industry.

He adds, no one is perfect and mistakes always help to grow and make you better than ever. Also, it is impossible to become an affiliate marketing tycoon overnight. He says, “You may not even reach your target after a couple of months. But that shouldn't stop you from believing that you can make it big in this industry.”


Initially, Aman earlier worked as a website designer and always managed to satisfy his  valuable clients. With having excellent expertise in SEO, the young entrepreneur helped many individuals grow traffic on their websites. But the money wasn’t enough. He had the craving to earn more, and that was the phase when he came across affiliate marketing.

The idea of making a handsome commission by selling products of others fascinated him. He wanted to use his digital marketing expertise in this industry to see whether it would earn him more. Furthermore, it didn't take long for Aman to understand that this was the open door he had been hanging tight for. The risk that Aman took proved to be beneficial and his earnings increased significantly and he has now become a shining star in the industry of affiliate marketing. Youngsters need to get one fact stuck in their head that passion and hunger are key factors to attain success. Once you develop these traits you will grow in the market for sure! 


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