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  23 Feb 2021  Merium Pervez – The Emerging Talent on YouTube

Merium Pervez – The Emerging Talent on YouTube

Published : Feb 23, 2021, 5:54 pm IST
Updated : Feb 23, 2021, 5:54 pm IST

Her undying love for makeup, skincare, and self-tested DIY’s put her at the top in just 8 months

Merium Pervez
 Merium Pervez

In the on-going world of social networking, blogs, youtube, clouds, and all types of rages Hyper Connectivity, seems as if everyone is on the verge of being known and become an influencer or at least call themselves one. However, today we will be putting some words together for Merium Pervaiz who is an extremely talented Instagram influencer and YouTuber with a huge fan following.

She made an account on Instagram on 26th June 2018 started with posting makeup tutorials, skincare routine on Instagram earning immense recognition and support, which led her to make a YouTube channel where she could vlog and post her makeup tutorials.


The Million Subscribers

Furthermore, she decided to share her food recipes which also proved to be a huge hit her way. Since she reached 1 Million subscribers on YouTube only after the release of 62 videos. In other words, the most perfect for the present discussion on YouTubers and Social media influencers.

Moreover, Merium Pervaiz is also a wife and a mother to a lovely daughter. She is confident and self-determined about her work and ideas. She is passionate, energetic because of her nature and all the love from her viewers and supporters makes her more confident about herself. Her kind personality has assisted her in assembling a tremendous Online family on YouTube as well as on Instagram.


Merium Pervez an Example of Emerging YouTubers

Hence, moving onto her personal life she has an extremely supportive husband who continuously supports her through thick and thin even during days when she was suffering from criticism. Her undying love for makeup, skincare, and self-tested DIY’s put her at the top in just 8 months.

She maintains the perfect work-life balance that sets an amazing example for all the emerging YouTubers. She’s still making YouTube videos regularly to keep her Online family updated, along with managing her family.

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