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  22 Sep 2020  Leveraging health benefits of whey protein by Pigi

Leveraging health benefits of whey protein by Pigi

Published : Sep 22, 2020, 12:47 pm IST
Updated : Sep 22, 2020, 1:15 pm IST

The benefits of whey protein are cited the world over by health experts

Whey protein.
 Whey protein.

Having been in the market for years now, the numerous health benefits of health supplements, especially whey protein are cited world over by both health experts and experienced consumers themselves. Even though there still remain certain doubts regarding the quality and choosing the right variant of health supplement, the advantages derived from whey protein are proven time and again.

Yet the biggest challenge is to procure the right quality and authentic mix of nutrients that it has to offer. Pigi, a renowned and leading fitness company, is the ideal place for every fitness enthusiast, professional athletes and bodybuilders to get their required dose of 100% authentic whey protein powder variants including whey protein isolate powder and mass gainers among many other types available.


The top of the line online supplement store, Pigi, offers its customers a humongous and genuine quality health and bodybuilding supplement range at just a click, delivered safely to the comfort of their homes. Even the experts swear by the holistic health approach followed by the brand when it comes to developing/ procuring and marketing its products. Leveraging the health benefits of whey protein by Pigi is not only a simple task but also easily affordable with the prices that do not burn a hole in your pocket. While their delivery speed is unparalleled, great after sales service makes it even better for its content customers.

Whey protein is advantageous to such an extent because it’s considered a complete protein, containing all the total of 9 amino acids and has lower lactose level with barely any side-effects unlike other supplements. While it is known to be extremely useful and beneficial to many people for different purposes, its full potential is still unreached as researchers are busy in analysing and finding more of its potential therapeutic tendencies and relevant utilities.


Derived from milk, whey protein is completely natural and safe to consume in specified quantities. It is essentially like a by-product of paneer, which is derived from sour milk at home and the people are usually not aware of during the process of extracting. It’s simply thrown away as waste while it’s such a superior form of protein that helps in improving digestion.

But excess of everything is bad and so the quantity must be administered carefully. There are no harmful side-effects unless one is lactose intolerant. 2-3 scoops of whey protein a day are a safe consumption.Let’s now take a look at how different segments can leverage some of the health benefits of Pigi’s whey protein supplements for their varied purposes.


Weight loss or management: Consuming the whey protein on a regular basis in the right quantities, at times replacing it with one meal in a day, coupled with a balanced diet and exercise can positively lead to weight loss. It helps shedding the body fat and preserving lean muscle mass of the body.

Bodybuilding: To increase the stamina and energy required for bodybuilding while reducing the number of calories taken and maintaining the nutritional intake of the body at a healthy level, it is an excellent supplement to have for bodybuilding. And with Pigi’s guarantee, your health is in safe hands too.

Anti-cancer advantages: Popular health journals and researchers have successfully proven the utility of employing whey protein concentrate as a potential part of cancer treatment to cure the patient naturally. Further research is being conducted on ways to derive more benefits.


Controlling cholesterol levels: A significant reduction in the total cholesterol level has been found in those obese people that were given a defined quantity of whey protein to include in their diet over time. It is a great achievement thus far.

Asthma Immune- With controlling the spread or progression of asthma in human beings, particularly children, whey protein has another proven benefit. A 10 gram of the supplement given twice daily to children for one-month period was seen to be enhancing their immunity reaction greatly.

Regulating blood pressure & related diseases: Beverage supplemented with whey protein dosage administered to patients with high bp or hypertension, has significantly diminished their potential risk of getting a heart disease or heart attack due to the supplement’s balanced reaction with the body.


Healing the HIV+: A leading journal, Clinical and Investigative Medicine has found result-backed evidence that whey protein can actually reduce the weight loss symptoms in those who are HIV positive to help with their treatment.

While these amazing beneficial tendencies of the health supplement are great but they are also the reason as to why people immediately want to get their hands on it and forgetting that it all depends on having absolutely genuine and natural whey protein supplement. With Pigi now, all those eager consumers have nothing to worry about and can freely have their pick at the online store at ease.

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