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  16 Jun 2020  How QR Codes in marketing increase your sales?

How QR Codes in marketing increase your sales?

Published : Jun 16, 2020, 6:50 pm IST
Updated : Jun 16, 2020, 6:52 pm IST

QR codes can take part in the social distancing implementation while staying connected

QR Codes
 QR Codes

Since QR codes surfaced in the market, it has become one of the most brilliant tools when it comes to marketing known to boost customer engagement.

In most cases, QR codes in marketing is used to link to a website or a video that gives additional information about a product or a service to potential customers.


While many brands are not yet fully aware of their potential uses because of their ignorance, it does not mean that they are not competent to use in the marketing campaign.

A custom QR code generated using a QR code generator with logo is a great way to combine offline and online marketing and increase your reach by offering freebies, discounts, or exclusive content to your target audience and giving them virtual information through QR codes that are accessible directly to smartphone devices.

Static QR code vs. Dynamic QR code

The content of a QR code is decoded using a QR code reader or your smartphone in a photo mode. Just point the your camera towards the QR code and tap on the notification to access its online content.


Static QR code is not editable. It redirects you to a permanent link once generated and the scans are not tractable. Dynamic QR codes are mostly used by brands as you can adjust and re-target your marketing campaign by changing the data behind the QR code.

Furthermore, it reveals the data analytics of your QR code scans allowing you to analyze where you stand in your marketing, what can you do to improve more or if you are getting enough leads.  

6 reasons why QR codes in marketing useful

1. QR codes allow contactless marketing

This is one of the essential reasons why QR codes are useful and can serve as an effective marketing tool, especially now that we are facing the Covid 19 pandemic that requires us to minimize human contact. Customers can access QR codes using their smartphones and be in control of the situation.


Now that we are heading towards a 'new normal society' because of this crisis, new implementations will be rolled out to regulate human interaction. Italy is one of the countries that has been severely affected by the disease, and for them to curb the outbreak, they recently implemented QR codes for cashless payments.

QR codes can take part in the social distancing implementation while staying connected.

2. QR codes in marketing provide quick access to information

QR codes provide easy access to smartphones. That's it. According to a survey, there are over three billion smartphone users around the world today and is expected to grow by several hundred million in the next few years.!


This increased number in smartphone users all is one of the driving factors why many marketers incorporate QR codes as a wise marketing tool today. They provide quick information directly to your target audience just by scanning the QR code without the need for bulky devices. Who doesn't own a smartphone in this era, right?

3. QR codes can build a relationship with customers

QR codes in marketing allow marketers and business people to have a more in-depth insight into their products and services, helping them build a deeper connection and trust with their customers. For example, restaurants or pastry shop can place a QR code on their table menu so your customers can conveniently access what you have in store for them.


One example of that is Harney's Sushi, wherein they unveiled an edible QR code on their sushi to end 'fish fraud' in California Restaurants, and to make their customers feel safe and secure of what they eat.

This gives customers the confidence that everything they serve is traceable such as the origin of the fish and its details.

4. Bridge the gap between the online and offline world

Throughout the marketing campaign, marketers and business people use different types of medium to interact and engage with their audience, both offline and online media.

QR codes help bridge this gap by integrating a virtual experience to their marketing that enhances the overall customer experience while being in a real-world setting.


Examples for the stores that are using virtual reality in marketing are Best Buy, Walmart, and Korea's virtual store, Tesco, in which the company increased 130% of their online product sales in just three months using QR code!

5. Access to real-time information
E-mart's Sunny Sale campaign increased their sales by 25% during lunch hours by rolling out 3D shadow QR codes accessible during lunchtime wherein consumers can avail real-time offers.

Using a Dynamic QR code generator online, you can also give out updated information about your products or services by changing the data behind your QR code anytime you want without having to re-print the QR code. You can easily update them about the changes in your product, and they can instantly access such information by scanning the QR code.


6. QR codes in marketing pique customer's curiosity

Customized Qr codes can spark customers' curiosity, and many brands are using them as part of their effective marketing strategy. For example, restaurant chain Denny used QR codes on their Hobbit themed article that once scanned, fans can stream video content, play online games and more. The QR code used garnered 400,000 scans.

Where to use QR codes in marketing?

QR codes can be used in any marketing campaign, but it is crucial to keep in mind that it should be used for a specific purpose to get your target audience's attention.

Five examples of where to use QR codes in marketing


Product packaging

QR codes are mostly used in product packaging labels to establish loyalty between the brand and customers by giving them the confidence of its products' originality, ingredients, and origin by displaying such information when scanning the QR code.

According to Future Market Insights, the global QR code labels market was valued at US$ 996.8 million in 2018, and the market is foreseen to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 8.7% during the estimated period, 2019-2027.

Global Marketing campaign

Are you a marketer who's looking to expand your reach on a global scale? For this solution, you can use a Multi-URL QR code especially made for companies who want to market their products worldwide.


QR codes in marketing used as a Multi-URL QR code consists of more than one URL and redirects the user based on his geographical position such as time, date, country, and smartphone operating system.

For example, if a person scans from Japan, then he will be redirected to a Japanese page, or if he is from Brazil, he will land to a Brazilian website! It is ideal for a multilingual audience.

So, if you run an international business or an online store, then this type of QR code solution is for you!

Business Cards

QR codes in marketing as part of your business cards will make it more professional-looking while revealing your techie side. It will help your prospective clients know more details about you! How? You can redirect them to your company's website, social media accounts, and other essential information about you by embedding it on your virtual card using QR codes!


Moreover, they can instantly download all of your information once your QR code is scanned. According to a survey, a company's sales increase by 2.5% for every 2,000 business cards handed out. Now, imagine what it can do if you added some digital touch to it! Increase your opportunity for future contacts!

Magazines, Signage, Brochures

You can use a social media QR code on a printed media where you can display all of your social media platforms. If you're a digital marketer or a social media influencer, this will make it easier for your target audience to follow you and boost your social media followers quickly. Moreover, you can also lead readers to discounts and promos to encourage them to visit your business!


Roll out fun TV Ads

Burger King had their QR codes in marketing campaign fun and interactive for home viewers by rolling out a moving QR code during TV commercials, that give a chance to viewers to win a free whopper if they catch the moving QR code! Now that most people are stuck indoors, it's a brilliant time to use QR codes on television and provide levity to your customers' day despite being quarantined.

Commercial spaces

Use a QR code to your physical business establishment to showcase to your clients what kind of services or products you offer! Furthermore, you can use a social media QR code and let them follow you on your social media pages. You can even use it in public places where many people are passing through!


You can also place QR codes on libraries, bus stops, museums, theaters, and many other places where people can directly access the information just by scanning the QR code!


The cross-platform functions of QR codes in marketing are what makes them efficient to use for tech-forward companies looking for smart marketing innovation. You get your message across your customers effectively by its easy access to the user's smartphone device.

Furthermore, using a credible QR Code generator online is one of the determining factors that can make or break your QR code marketing campaign.

Thus, a QR code software must be credible, provides accurate scanning results of your QR codes, responsive customer support, and, most importantly, continually innovating their product to deliver better customer service.


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