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  16 Mar 2020  Micro stay is a new revolution in the Indian hospitality industry

Micro stay is a new revolution in the Indian hospitality industry

Published : Mar 16, 2020, 7:14 pm IST
Updated : Mar 16, 2020, 7:20 pm IST

When need a hotel room for a short period of time, why pay for the whole day?

Microstays are a new concept in the hospitality industry.
 Microstays are a new concept in the hospitality industry.

The concept of micro stay, aka capsule stay, is still fresh in the Indian market. Opinions are divided into two parts on this concept. The millennial is more than happy with this mobile facility of accommodation, but the other half is struggling to keep an open mind about the concept of pay per hour at a hotel. Surely, this fluency is very common among couples, but if logical thinking is applied there are many circumstances where you might need a space for a shorter amount of time. So why pay for the whole day? It is an incredible opportunity to save time and money side by side.

Not only customers, but sellers are also enjoying the benefits of capsule stays. One of the many hotels offering rooms per hour is Brevistay. Not only are they at the top of their game, but they are receiving a positive response from the audience. The positive feedback has forced them to list more and more properties in a wider area.

So how do the hoteliers gain profit?

It’s very simple; an increase in the number of customers affects the amount of profit too. The time slots are fixed, according to the customer’s booking schedule. So the rate of customers will eventually increase as more time slots are available for hotel rooms. Even if the bookings are for a whole day, the rooms are also offered in between the two slots. This is how revenue is generated and most importantly maximized.

Blessing for travellers

There are many instances when you are travelling alone. Exhaustion is unavoidable, and the car seat serves zero justice to comfort at that time. It is obvious, that a time limit must be present, but to avoid any turbulence during the drive, it is highly recommended to pull over and book a room for some hours. After all, a power nap is a blessing in disguise.

After all

It is coherent that love birds need their space, after all, who doesn’t like to spend some time alone with their partner. So the properties listed are couple-friendly and are safe. And also, Brevistay ensures the best service, so why not try it this time?

Easy Peasy

Hassle less check-in and check-out is still a dream for time-efficient personalities. One id proof comes to the rescue. One single document is the solution for everyone’s convenience. So now bye-bye to inconvenience.

The factors mentioned above are much-needed change that commodity is seeking. These advantages are the path to change the mentality of the narrow-minded audience for a change. Micro stay is reaching up to people and growing day by day. Making customers happy and gaining profit.

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