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  15 Aug 2020  Antis Capital a true revolution on the cryptocurrency and real estate markets

Antis Capital a true revolution on the cryptocurrency and real estate markets

Published : Aug 15, 2020, 6:00 pm IST
Updated : Aug 15, 2020, 6:00 pm IST

It is a true revolution when it comes to trading investments, as it offers both buying and selling-oriented transactions on the market

Antis Capital
 Antis Capital

If you managed to accumulate some reasonable savings on your account, you are certainly asking yourself a question of where it would be the best to allocate them in order to be capable of achieving the highest possible profit.

You may take various options into account: investing on the Forex market, opting for cryptocurrencies, buying gold, or investing in real estates.


If you have found yourself in such a situation, it is worth considering starting a fruitful cooperation with Antis Capital. Antis Capital offers the possibility of combining almost risk-free cryptocurrency investments with safe Dubai-based real estate investments.

The professionalism of the company in question, as well as the diversification of investment options directly translate into the ability of generating notable savings quickly.

Antis Capital – it is a true revolution when it comes to trading investments, as it offers both buying and selling-oriented transactions on the market that allow the party cooperating with the company in question to make a sensible profit.


To achieve satisfactory results, many years of experience and a full understanding of the market’s operating mechanisms are paramount.

Unfortunately, not all of individuals willing to invest large sums have enough time to learn and obtain valuable information on the operation and specificity of a given market.

Nevertheless, instead of giving up on such a promising source of potential profits, it is worth considering the possibility of opting for artificial intelligence. While making such a decision, you can be sure that Antis Capital will support us.

Antis Capital focuses on increasing the overall wealth of its clients by investing in cryptocurrencies. Thanks to the utilization of a proprietary trading bot, you can minimize the risk of losing the invested funds – success rate is in such a case as high as 97%.


The discussed bot was developed for almost a year and a half, which guarantees its high efficiency under all circumstances. Another way to invest money is to focus predominantly on real estates.

Said type of investment is perceived by many as a safe and reliable way of multiplying the prior acquired funds, mainly due to the fact that it is characterized by a remarkably high profitability.

It is also a guarantee of stable income and a constant growth potential, resulting from the increase of the value of selected properties over time.

That is exactly why the main aim of Antis Capital is to support clients in the rather demanding process of investing in real estates. Thanks to the constant development and increasing our representatives’ qualifications, Antis Capital makes it much easier to purchase apartments in Dubai for a relatively low sum of money.


The individual approach to each and every client, the ability to understand his or her needs, professionalism, as well as negotiating skills make Antis Capital an ideal partner while purchasing real estates in Dubai.

Why is it worth investing in real estates located in Dubai? Even though investing in real estates in Dubai is becoming more and more popular, some people are still not sure if such an investment is profitable.

In order to be able to make an objective and well thought-out decision, it is worth prior considering all the pros of spending your money in Dubai of all places:

• Constantly increasing tourist traffic in Dubai – every single year, more and more tourists decide to spend their holidays in Dubai. They are lured by a great weather allowing for sunbathing and swimming, the opportunity of learning about the culture of the Middle East, as well as by the development and expansion of tourist infrastructure.


All those aspects attract lots of tourists to the capital of the United Arab Emirates every year. Therefore, it is worth considering buying an apartment in Dubai and renting it to tourists during their stay in the country. This option may prove to be a lucrative source of income;

 • Reliability and full safety - the United Arab Emirates - Dubai especially – are chosen by tourists and investors due to a remarkably high level of security. The probability of a given apartment being damaged or robbed are notably low.

Said fact is appreciated by many foreign investors who decide to buy apartments and flats in Dubai. Such decisions in turn support the regional economy and the development of both transportation and construction networks in Dubai.


The aforementioned processes additionally have a positive impact on the economic development of the entire country and encourage new investors to allocate their capital there;

• Development and innovativeness - New hotels, luxury apartment, and even such creations as artificial islands are constantly being built in Dubai. In said city, one may also stumble upon that the tallest hotel located on an artificial island. Thanks to said fact, foreign investors can be sure that their funds will be invested in certain, constantly developing assets;

• Exceptional environment - last yet not least argument in favor of choosing Dubai is its exceptional specificity. The proximity of the sea, available foodstuffs from all over the world, great weather, and the bustling nature of the city attract more and more people to settle there. Thanks to said fact, you can be sure that even while living in Dubai, you will still be able to safely supervise your business and enjoy dream weather all year round.


How to start cooperating with Antis Capital? Antis Capital is open to any form of cooperation. Its goal is to support each and every client in expanding his or her investment opportunities and multiplying his or her profits.

Due to the international scale of the project, the company is motivated to support its clients in obtaining all kinds of documentation, certificates, visas, and the remaining permits enabling them to invest in Dubai.

Antis Capital offers professional assistance of its legal department during the entire process of buying and acquiring real estates in Dubai.

Thanks to said fact, instead of dealing with difficult and complicated legal intricacies, you can entrust them to true specialists and wait for the entire process to be finalized. After its conclusion, you will be able to collect the keys to your well-lit and comfortable apartment in Dubai!


The entire procedure of purchasing a property is extremely simple: you must specify the amount you want to spend on the investment, then make a decision to buy the property, and finally - sign a cooperation agreement. Antis Capital guarantees an individual approach to each and every client, as well as a fully transparent handling of every case.

The company also offers its clients special discounts for the purchase of apartments in Dubai. While considering all the above, it is a great idea to contact Antis Capital as soon as possible and find out more about best ways to invest money and multiply capital.

Regardless of whether you choose to buy a real estate in Dubai or to invest in cryptocurrencies, our knowledge and professional support will surely help you achieve significant profits.


About the originator of Antis Capital Philip Belov was born in Russia, in the city of Chita, situated next to the border with Mongolia and China in 1987. From an early age, he traveled with his parents to various exotic countries.

Said trips motivated him to embark on longer trips. In later years, he also visited North America, Asia (Korea, Thailand, and Sri Lanka), Western Europe and the United Arab Emirates.

When he was young, he moved to China with his parents, where he graduated from an international high school and then studied computer science at the Beijing Institute of Technology. Later on, he moved to Dubai, where he live from 5 years. As he said, he had been fascinated by the world of cryptocurrencies from few years.


Nowadays, he focuses on investing in IT structures and technologies. The first bot he made was used to handle accounting in a telemarketing company. In 2019, after noticing the potential of cryptocurrencies, he began working on Antis BOT together with his friends specializing in the field of IT.

The team was working on the device for almost one and a half years. Antis BOT is an artificial intelligence that can carry out transactions on the cryptocurrency market without any human intervention whatsoever

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