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  12 Feb 2021  Yogesh Batra and Akshay Singh launches ‘Urban Goods’

Yogesh Batra and Akshay Singh launches ‘Urban Goods’

Published : Feb 12, 2021, 8:54 pm IST
Updated : Feb 12, 2021, 8:54 pm IST

They have made even brands like T-Series and Zee Music

Yogesh Batra And Akshay Singh
 Yogesh Batra And Akshay Singh

Yogesh Batra and Akshay Singh are the current founders of an online e-commerce store that has the capability to shape various organisations into what marketing gurus call having a successful run. Marketing first evolved when the concept of email marketing was born and since then, this field has seen so much growth that now, almost everything is marketable, and even those businesses that were about to get shut down or were running into a loss, have become profit bearers. This is how Akshay and Yogesh have brought about a great change in the entire marketing journey.

Yogesh Batra And Akshay Singh: The Young Achievers Of Our Nation

It is indeed hard, being 21 or 22 years old and having to manage the marketing of a business or an artist. Since 2017, when Yogesh Batra and Akshay Singh met on Facebook, they have been together, making appropriate decisions and working for brands towards a brighter future. They have made even great brands like T-Series and Zee Music appreciate their work and made an impact in Bollywood by striking deals with great artists and singers which include the famous Punjabi singers of different genre.

At their very young age, Yogesh Batra and Akshay Singh have built what is very hard to achieve even for older minds. They have built a digital space which is the first step towards success in the field of marketing. As they kept leaping towards success and managed the social media handles and ran campaigns for many Bollywood brands and artists, they created a buzz in the media and this is where their step towards the top began. When the world got a hint of their talent, soon they created a name for them in this field.

After working for various popular celebrities, the two youngsters focused their attention on YouTubers. YouTubers have become popular as much as movie stars and therefore, they too need a place to sell their merchandise. Direct selling is a possibility but, there is just too much hassle and hence, this is where they have brought out the concept of Urban Goodswhere any YouTuber can sell their merchandise which will have his license but, will be distributed by them.

This is the new face of online marketing and which will bring viable change. As Yogesh said, "Our journey has just begun and after coming this far, we can say, its worth it.”


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