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  09 Feb 2021  Marketing experts Akash and Aniket shares their brilliance on online campaigns

Marketing experts Akash and Aniket shares their brilliance on online campaigns

Published : Feb 9, 2021, 8:48 pm IST
Updated : Feb 9, 2021, 10:32 pm IST

This dynamic duo advertising friends also happen to be superb marketing experts

Advertisers Aniket Ghate and Akash Patil
 Advertisers Aniket Ghate and Akash Patil

Advertising is a tricky business, there is no single ready-made formula for success. Many advertisers keep on losing money because no matter how they tweak their approach, they can’t hit their target. As the list of unsuccessful attempts keeps on building up, people start to lose more and more money and the situation turns into a disaster. There is an efficient way to handle Facebook Ads and generate sales. This is where our Indian marketing experts, Aniket Ghate and Akash Patil, get in.

Aniket Ghate has completed his B.com and he is based in Pathardi, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. He is born on the 30th of January 1998. His friend is Akash Patil, and he has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in IT and is located at Jalgaon, in Maharashtra. He was born on the 20th of December, 1994. The “dynamic duo” are friends, and also happen to be superb marketing experts. Following their tips on how to launch a successful campaign on Facebook Ads will benefit anybody looking to improve sales. According to them, the best way to run Facebook Ads are-

Focus On Your Offers In Facebook Ads

Often what you are offering is not that impressive and no amount of amazing presentations will overcome that deficiency. But if what you are trying to offer is great in the first place, Facebook Ads have a greater chance of creating sales. For example, businesses sometimes create Facebook Ad campaigns that have an emotional response attached to them. If a company creates an Ad saying that with every purchase, a certain amount goes to charity or homeless animals get benefitted then people will want to buy their product more. The trick is to offer something that doesn’t feel just like a business transaction, great Ads make the customers feel like they are having a great opportunity.

To Track the correct metric

Most people may think that the number of clicks is an efficient indicator of Facebook Ad’s success, but the real metric to keep the focus on is, of course, the sales. Sometimes, the people’s engagement through the number of clicks does not translate to bigger sales. If your sales are not enough, the Facebook Ad campaign is not working and it is time to revise your strategy instead of keeping on losing money.

To keep in mind the key data points

The simple way to find the right data points is through optimization and testing. Breaking the Facebook Ads ups into different categories such as Ad designs, Targets, etc., can help the advertisers to categorize and improve on various elements. Facebook has three major places where you can put your Ads, such as the desktop news feed, desktop right column, and mobile feeds, and all of them have their advantages. It is crucial to have strategies and test which of them will work.

To look at the long term returns

In the realm of Facebook Ad campaigning, many people overlook the long-term benefits and design their strategies based on short-term rewards. Long-term planning comes to use while planning for Facebook Ads, as many advertisers failed because they overlooked this crucial aspect of preparation.

To try and set clear goals

At the beginning of every advertisement campaign, it is great to set specific goals because it helps in measuring the results and whether or not the campaign is headed in the right direction. This tip may sound obvious, but most of us mess up at the simplest steps. In terms of goals, we should start from the end and specify the end sales point. It is even better to divide the end goals into various short-term goals so that the Facebook Ad campaigns can be evaluated daily. Through this method, the advertisers can identify leaks quickly.

Following these tips will get every advertiser on the right track, and that’s all you need to build the best profitable ads.


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