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  08 Feb 2021  Onboarding is not just a welcome and introduction compliance ritual: Ali Merchant

Onboarding is not just a welcome and introduction compliance ritual: Ali Merchant

Published : Feb 8, 2021, 9:18 pm IST
Updated : Feb 8, 2021, 9:18 pm IST

Merchant, a philanthropist and mentor, is the CEO of AM Infoweb, a leading Health Information Management Outsourcing company

Ali Merchant
 Ali Merchant

Meta Description: Onboarding Program is the second pivotal step after hiring in the journey of sustainable success, states Ali Merchant, Founder and CEO of AM Infoweb.

Ali Merchant, a multi-millionaire philanthropist and mentor, is the CEO of AM Infoweb, a leading Health Information Management Outsourcing company with clients across the globe. We present to you an excerpt from an interview in which Ali Merchant has shared his insights on the process and impact of onboarding new hires.

We all know what onboarding of new joiners is. But what would you like to say about it that we are probably missing out on?

“When you say you know what onboarding is, what is the first thought that crosses your mind in the context?”

“Onboarding is the process of welcoming and introducing the new joiners to the company and its policies” we answered confidently.

He continues, “That’s exactly what most of us are missing out on. Onboarding is not just a welcome and introduction compliance ritual that companies conduct but the first step after hiring to ascertain the prospects of growth of the new joiners and their contribution to the organization’s productivity in the long run.”

So, what are the aspects that are underrated but should be considered crucial for a new joiner orientation program?

He says, “As the saying goes – First impressions matter, we need to remind ourselves repetitively that this is the first interaction between the company and the individuals as an employee of the company. So, always put your best foot forward. The new joiners should feel good about their decision to join your company. And how can you ascertain that? Make them feel COMFORTABLE and not intimidate them with a burst of information about company policies, culture, and the DO's and DON’T’s. Do not expect them to fit in 100% from day-1. Give them those initial 90days to align with the company culture and goals and also understand the policies and working dynamics of your company. DO NOT JUDGE before that just like you would not want them to judge you and jump to conclusions based on one bad experience or glitches in the onboarding program on the very first day.”

He adds, “Business leaders are responsible to address them during the program to exhibit the gravity of the process and also to help them understand the company goals and guide them to align their personal goals with the company goals. All these ups the rates of retention and consequently reduces the new hire costs and productivity time. The better the understanding of goals, the faster the alignment and subsequent contribution to the organization. In short, the involvement of business leaders and a structured plan for a more efficient and feel-good orientation program is very pivotal for long term benefits.”

What are those long term benefits?

Ali states, “Every organization wants sustainable relations with stakeholders and profits. The concept of a sustainable business embodies all aspects, right from the business model to customer relations. Sustainability is an all-pervasive element which means, it is an integral part of every business aspect. But it starts from the hiring process itself and the next important step is the onboarding of the new hires. Employers must leverage this opportunity to build a strong foundation for the future. Each new hire deserves a one-on-one session with their respective managers too as part of the onboarding program. This gives both, the manager and the new joiner an opportunity to understand each other. It hugely reduces anxiety levels commonly felt by new hires and helps forge new relations. Leaders must understand that success starts with the right approach from the grass-root level and only then can you build a sustainable business. Long term results are the effect of doing everything right from the first day!”

This interview was definitely a success. Ali Merchant has clearly made us realize how we underrate the new joiners’ orientation program and its impact on the future of the company. We are sure our readers will agree that he has projected the onboarding process in a new light and they will surely benefit from his insights.


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