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  07 Jul 2022  Want to give your building an unrivalled look?

Want to give your building an unrivalled look?

Published : Jul 7, 2022, 9:14 pm IST
Updated : Jul 7, 2022, 9:14 pm IST

All you need is Terracotta Panels from Nuvocotto

Terracotta Panels are unique among other clay products.
 Terracotta Panels are unique among other clay products.

If you are looking for the most sophisticated and elegant-looking terracotta product, stop right here! Why? It's because Nuvocotto has something in store for you! Introducing Terracotta Panels. This is that magical product which can make your façade look outstanding, modern yet conventional.

Terracotta Panels are unique among other clay products. And do you know why? When other clay products offer an earthy look and feel, Nuvocotto panels give a refined and contemporary appeal. Moreover, they can even increase thermal comfort. The thermal comfort offered by the Terracotta facade adds savings by using less energy for HVAC.

Little do we all know that Nuvocotto did a commendable job of introducing this product. For offices and massive structures, terracotta panels are the best option to give your façade a dramatic and edgy finish. The size of Nuvocotto panels is 300×600×18mm and the colour is natural red. Besides delivering these high-quality terracotta panels, Nuvocotto also provides screws, fasteners, and aluminium hardware.

If you are still wondering why you should use terracotta panels, then here are the answers! Terracotta panels are installed using the dry fixing method. They have designated grooves for fixing the clips for installation. Also, thermal conductivity and the reflection of the panel are relatively low.

For years, we have been using terracotta items to beautify our houses and add utility purposes to them. And it appears that these products have undergone several updates and modifications too! Despite these changes in patterns and designs, one thing that Nuvocotto has strictly adhered to is the quality and purpose of terracotta products.

We all know that whenever it comes to terracotta, one brand to completely rely on is Nuvocotto. We are confident that you realise everything about terracotta panels. And now it's time for you to enjoy the benefits of this product and give your façade the most unique look. So, what are you waiting for? Get the best terracotta panels from Nuvocotto today and make your façade extraordinary!


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