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  04 Mar 2021  Tech Entrepreneur Lakshay Jain shares the top trends of digital marketing

Tech Entrepreneur Lakshay Jain shares the top trends of digital marketing

Published : Mar 4, 2021, 8:29 pm IST
Updated : Mar 4, 2021, 8:29 pm IST

Jain, the founder of Mevrex, is the youngest tech entrepreneur and growing web/app developer and digital marketeer

Lakshay Jain
 Lakshay Jain

With so many changes taking place all at once due to the ongoing pandemic, how could the business industries of the world stay behind? Businesses across niches had to suffer a lot due to the pandemic, where some had to shut shops temporarily and some others had to close permanently. The economies of the world too crippled and the world seemed to come to an end. However, every adversity does come with something that can give back hope to people. The same happened with the massive boom of the digital mediums within just a year, which opened up many new avenues for businesses and gave them newer opportunities. The digital marketing niche is one such, which saw an exponential rise, thanks to the increased dependence of entrepreneurs and brands to grow through the online mediums. Lakshay Jain, the founder and CEO of Mevrex, a startup agency and the youngest self-made web/app developer and digital marketer, explains how the digital marketing niche is further going to rule in the coming years and the various trends that he believes can help people stay on top of their game in 2021.

1. Being inclusive: As the world changes rapidly, people's mentalities and mindsets also change with time. Today, the younger generation and marginalized groups expect to see an optimistic depiction of equality in the content they consume and the different brands they buy from. In 2021, Lakshay Jain says that digital marketing includes content covering a wide range of religions, races, sexualities, etc. People like brands that are concerned with being inclusive enough to discuss these topics with their marketing campaigns and get easily attracted through the impact it can create.


2. Being sustainable: Just like consumers today are concerned about how the brands they buy are being inclusive, they are also concerned about how passionate they are for environmentalism, points out Lakshay Jain. Consumers want to make sure whether the brands they are investing their money in care about the planet. Hence, people have turned increasingly to eco-friendly and sustainable brands that do the good to them and the greater good to the environment.

3. Ad-blocking: This is becoming famous by the day as people are fed up with the multiple ads that pop up while using a particular application or website. Lakshay Jain explains 2021 is about overcoming obstacles like ad-blockers. He suggests marketers create better strategies adapting to the changing times as people increasingly have started using ad-blockers; hence, they must change their preferences, readjust their budgets to suit other more fruitful campaigns.


4. Interactive content: The social media platforms are where most people are found and marketers must fully utilize this opportunity to create more interactive content to gain maximum attention from them. Lakshay Jain says that interactive content has become quite popular and will rise in 2021, as well because people enjoy live quizzes, open-ended questions, live sessions, giveaways, polls, etc. This promotes more user engagement and enjoyment.

The founder of Mevrex, who is the Youngest Tech Entrepreneur and growing web/app developer and digital marketer, says that following the above digital marketing trends for 2021, people can stay above their competition. Know more about Lakshay Jain through his website, or Instagram @lakshayjain.1



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