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Shivraj Khachar talks about the importance of social media

Published : Sep 23, 2019, 2:26 pm IST
Updated : Sep 23, 2019, 2:26 pm IST

He is inspiring people on how to mint money through social media in today's time.

Shivraj Khachar
 Shivraj Khachar

Everything has become digital in today’s era. Whatever you wish to have is just a click away. Right from food to the FMCG products or be it electronics, everything is accessible to the people online. You name it and it is available on the digital space. Shivraj Khachar has gone all digital with his ayurvedic products. He owns the purest Kathiyawadi horses and Gir cows. He has his own website named gomataseva.org which aims to promote cow care protection movement and wants to make people aware of the importance of cows in India. With producing herbal panchagavya (Cowpathy) based natural ayurvedic products, the website has categories like health care, beauty, haircare, skincare and much more to offer to its customers.

Besides manufacturing of cow products, he is also doing his bit in making people aware of the social, political, economical and cultural benefits by maintaining cows in the gaushalas. Talking about going all-digital, the young man said, “I have been seeing and understanding how influencers try to promote products of several brands to engage with the audience on social media. That’s when I realised and thought of making people aware of the GoSeva products by popularizing it in the digital world. By looking at the influencers, I thought of becoming the one.”

He is considered as one of the best names in Gujarat who is inspiring people on how to mint money through social media.

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