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Here's why Nadia Sheikh decides to quit acting

Published : Jul 18, 2019, 5:58 pm IST
Updated : Jul 18, 2019, 7:04 pm IST

Nadia Sheikh was last seen in Vikas Gupta’s 'Ace Of Space' aired on MTV India.

Nadia Sheikh.
 Nadia Sheikh.

Actress Nadia Sheikh who hails from Srinagar Kashmir and was last seen in Vikas Gupta’s 'Ace Of Space' aired on MTV India quits acting.

Talking about her decision she says, "I have lived a very good life. I have enjoyed my work and lived my dreams to the fullest and more than expected.I wouldn’t have traded that life for anything. But as time passes by, your priorities change and so did mine. It’s not an abrupt decision in fact I have been thinking about it time and again. I am happy and content with my decision. I am going back to my hometown and the idea of being with my family gives me a sense of warmth. I have gained a lot of experience in Mumbai in these 5 years with the help of which I am thinking to get into production in my native industry. The thing is I have bigger goals, acting was just a part of it. I would continue making TikTok videos though.

She adds it feels like the best decision ever taken. So, she’s getting married? pat comes a reply, "(Laughs) no no! No plans yet but will let everyone know whenever it happens."

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