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Tips to improve your writing skills

Reading more, developing outline and avoiding plagiarism are few tips that falls under the skills

21 Feb 2021 6:01 PM

Writing about happy moments may mean less visits to the doctor

Even writing about positive experiences for just two minutes a day has been seen as a reason behind reduced health issues.

13 Jul 2018 4:20 PM

J K Rowling shares insights into her writing style

On being asked if she creates a visual plan for her novels, she replied that she definitely do so in a table form.

31 Jan 2018 7:40 PM

Writing about feelings may help manage stressful tasks

Previous research has shown that expressive writing can help individuals process past traumas or stressful events.

17 Sep 2017 6:39 PM

Writing heals

A healthy physical process means intake of food and water from our environment, process it for nutrients, and then expel the wastes.

30 Mar 2017 12:53 AM