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Confident of progress in amending Japan’s constitution: Shinzo Abe

Abe wants to change the wording of the document to affirm Japan's right to have a full-fledged military.

17 Nov 2017 7:13 PM

Born with 1917 Revolution, centenarian recalls its impact

The Bolsheviks confiscated their livestock as part of their campaign to force peasants to join collective farms.

17 Nov 2017 2:30 AM

Exhibitions lift veil on Nazi-era art hoarding

Hildebrand Gurlitt, worked as an art dealer for the Nazis starting in 1938.

02 Nov 2017 6:48 AM

World War II shipwreck discovered in UK

Learn more about its history.

08 Oct 2017 6:42 PM

Frankfurt defuses massive 'Blockbuster' WWII bomb after evacuating 60,000

The evacuation area included two hospitals, care homes, the Opera House and Germany’s central bank, the Bundesbank.

04 Sep 2017 3:40 PM


In Mideast, chasing an elusive peace

Syria is in its seventh year of civil war, with protagonists on various sides near exhaustion.

28 Aug 2017 2:17 AM

Acclaimed modernist architect Gunnar Birkerts dies at 92

Gunnar Birkerts also taught architecture at the University of Michigan from 1959-1990.

18 Aug 2017 1:17 PM

Forgotten by history?

With Dunkirk choosing to omit Indian soldiers out of the World War II setting, filmmakers set the record straight on depiction of the conflict.

02 Aug 2017 12:07 AM

South Korea began to review of sex slavery deal with Japan

The plight of the so-called "comfort women" is a hugely emotional issue that has marred relations between the Asian neighbours for decades.

31 Jul 2017 4:13 PM

World War II veteran Charles Leuzzi receives high school diploma

The 97-year-old had to leave school in his junior year to fight in the war.

18 Jul 2017 12:08 PM


Japan protest S Korea's over 'comfort women' in World war II by Japanese troops

200,000 women mostly from Korea but also other parts of Asia including China were forced to work at Japanese military brothels.

11 Jul 2017 4:55 PM

Book traces Delhi’s journey through maps

The book touches on aspects like the seige of Delhi, structures during World War II, key memorials and marketplaces.

23 Jun 2017 3:50 AM

Slovenia hideouts spill Cold War secrets

Until recently, the existence of the 800-square-metre labyrinth had still been a secret, albeit not a very good one.

14 Jun 2017 2:29 AM

Jake Gyllenhaal to play World War II hero Arthur Meyerowitz in The Lost Airman

Gyllenhaal will team up with John Lester for the upcoming movie 'The Lost Airman,' a true-life World War II adventure project.

07 Jun 2017 11:35 AM

Shedding light on French deportees put to work on Hitler’s secret weapon

A committee was created after the war to provide aid to widows and orphans of those who did not survive the camp.

18 May 2017 10:28 AM


World War II vet reunited with love letter 72 years later

Melissa Fahy and her father were renovating her Westfield home when they found the letter in a gap under the stairs.

11 May 2017 7:15 PM

Gear up for COD WW II

The game will primarily take the player to the 1944-45 European theatre of World War II.

03 May 2017 12:17 AM

Sirens, silence as Israel remembers Holocaust

Drivers exited their cars and buses ground to a halt, while students at schools marked the two minutes of silence.

25 Apr 2017 2:52 AM

US vows to protect innocents, rallies G-7 support

Rex Tillerson declares that the United States needs to stand up to aggressors who harm civilians.

11 Apr 2017 3:21 AM

Discourse: Forgive but do not forget

Shashi Tharoor is seeking precisely this when he demands that Britain apologise and compensate India for its outrageous plunder.

26 Mar 2017 3:26 AM