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India to seek permanent solution to food stock issue at WTO conference

India has been seeking amendments in the formula to calculate the food subsidy cap.

10 Dec 2017 4:11 PM

China trade: Rectify fault lines

The ongoing Sino-Indian trade imbalance is a danger signal.

18 Sep 2017 12:13 AM

Why Sarson Satyagraha is still needed

India had bound its import duties at 300 per cent in the World Trade Organisation.

30 May 2017 4:16 AM

Niti Aayog plans alternative to minimum price system

This system would help decide the quantum of the subsidy & also meet the restrictions on the subsidy imposed by the World Trade Organisation

17 May 2017 1:50 AM

360 Degree: Man versus Machine

Machines aided by artificial intelligence are all set to replace humans in several fields.

07 May 2017 5:01 AM


US to review trade pacts, looking at violations, abuses

The study will review deals to ensure they boost US growth and strengthen the country’s manufacturing base.

30 Apr 2017 6:20 AM

Donald Trump targets nations in trade deficit

The order comes a week before Mr Trump meets Chinese President Xi Jinping and is likely to be seen as a warning shot across Beijing’s bow.

01 Apr 2017 2:01 AM

Dilli Ka Babu: On the fast track

A three-member selection panel headed by Cabinet secretary P.K. Sinha has shortlisted 30 applicants.

22 Jan 2017 5:09 AM

India hoping for construcive movement in WTO

The country expects world trade body to do a "solid work" in the new year on demands.

26 Dec 2016 2:16 PM