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Boys lost weight but 'took care of themselves' while trapped in Thai cave

They were able to obtain water dripping inside the cave and average weight loss was 2 kilograms (4.4 pounds).

11 Jul 2018 12:21 PM

Woman told to lose weight by doctors has 23 kg cyst removed from ovary

Kayla Rahn of Montgomery, Alabama, spoke about her ordeal after suffering months of unexplained stomach issues, pain and weight gain.

30 Jun 2018 11:17 AM

World's fattest child on road to recovery after losing 63 kg following surgery

Mihir Jain from Delhi lost 63 kg since his gastric bypass surgery in April and now weighs 172 kg.

28 Jun 2018 6:28 PM

New study claims weight loss reverse heart disease

This study shows that weight-loss and treating lifestyle factors is an essential component for effectively managing atrial fibrillation.

21 Jun 2018 1:56 PM

Lose weight with this 16:8 diet

Researchers say there are options for weight loss that do not include calorie counting or eliminating certain foods.

19 Jun 2018 3:58 PM


Cheating on diet could actually help burn more fat

After periods of strict calorie restriction, a cheat meal, which contains significantly more calories helps body to continue burning fat.

14 Jun 2018 4:28 PM

The greener you eat, the healthier you are

Better choices in the plant-based components of the diet lowered mortality by 30 percent.

11 Jun 2018 9:30 AM

Researchers say carbon dioxide could help reduce belly fat

If carboxytherapy can provide prolonged benefits, it offers patients yet another noninvasive option for fat reduction.

10 Jun 2018 3:09 PM

Lack of grey matter in specific area of brain may leave people unable to diet

Grey matter is involved in muscle control, speech, decision making, memory and emotions.

07 Jun 2018 3:36 PM

Gordon Ramsay reveals how he lost 23 kgs

TV host and owner of 34 restaurants worldwide, his new, lean figure on the sets of a television show mesmerised everyone.

06 Jun 2018 4:17 PM


Novel drug can fight genetic obesity

Scientists have identified a drug that can help people with genetic obesity lose weight by inhibiting their appetite.

04 Jun 2018 10:11 AM

Weight change linked with bone strength

Older adults who are losing weight should be aware of the potential negative effects on the skeleton.

03 Jun 2018 8:41 AM

Is weight change linked with bone strength?

The magnitude of changes to the skeleton were clinically significant and translated into an almost three-fold increase.

02 Jun 2018 4:31 PM

Alarming study reveals new diet trend among teen girls

Here is what a new study has found.

01 Jun 2018 4:15 PM

Are we heading towards a fitter world?

Researchers studies data of awareness about obesity over the last twelve years worldwide.

27 May 2018 9:24 AM


Nose plugs may help people lose more weight on a diet

These plugs are inserted in both nostrils as air is directed to bypass scent receptors which helps suppress appetite.

25 May 2018 3:35 PM

Why is it bad to lose weight too fast

The market is flooded with options to lose weight - crash diets, supplements, pills etc. - all promising a rapid weight transformation.

22 May 2018 6:14 PM

Removing shoes outside the house helps with weight loss

Several everyday products contain obesogens that cause fat levels to build up in tissues.

21 May 2018 5:46 PM

People can lose weight by staying away from a late-night snack or early breakfast

It has been observed in earlier studies that the obesity crisis is fuelled by mid-night snacking.

15 May 2018 3:34 PM

Eating potatoes helps you lose weight faster

According to researchers, the foods fill dieters up quicker so they have fewer cravings for snacks and junk food and end up eating less.

10 May 2018 11:10 AM