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L. Subramaniam on his violin, his musical journey, and more

Padma Bhushan recipient and Grammy nominated Dr L. Subramaniam is one of the best known violinists globally.

16 Oct 2018 2:04 AM

First violins imitated human voices: study

Music historians have long suspected that the inventors of the violin wanted to imitate the human voice.

22 May 2018 11:53 AM

Albert Einstein's violin auctioned for more than Rs 3 crore

Einstein was a resident scholar at Princeton University and later gifted the violin to a janitor’s son.

12 Mar 2018 7:52 PM

Scientists tune into brain to uncover music's healing power

Music increasingly is becoming a part of patient care.

19 Dec 2017 2:49 PM

Lessons on the chord

A septugenarian in Matunga is teaching a new generation how to make music with the violin.

30 Jul 2017 12:28 AM