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Facebook facing heat for sending EU data to US, which, like China, is accused of snooping

A recent court ruling found that some trans-Atlantic data transfers don’t protect users from American government snooping.

10 Sep 2020 6:49 PM

TikTok's astute exit from Hong Kong will likely keep it going in the US

It is a ‘win-win’ move for TikTok as it does not risk angering China by refusing to share user data, but it can focus on growing in the US.

09 Jul 2020 8:57 PM

Xiaomi dismisses reports that it collects user data, says it is serious about data privacy

The clarification came after reports that Mi Browser collects unnecessary info while browsing and sends the user data to other countries.

02 May 2020 7:50 PM

Facebook settles privacy investigation with USD 5 billion

The settlement would be the largest civil penalty ever paid to the agency.

13 Jul 2019 11:56 AM

New Biometric Privacy Platform to safeguard AADHAAR data

Biometric Privacy Platform adds a privacy and consumer-choice layer on top of Aadhaar online and offline authentication modes.

22 Jan 2019 11:33 AM


Facebook shared private messages with partners

The newspaper on Wednesday detailed special arrangements between Facebook and companies such as Microsoft, Netflix and Spotify.

20 Dec 2018 6:29 PM

Facebook says companies got access to data only after user permission

The paper reported that Facebook allowed Microsoft’s Bing search engine to see the names of virtually all Facebook users’ friends.

20 Dec 2018 1:30 PM

Facebook mulled charging for access to user data

The company said it considered charging application makers to access data at the social network.

29 Nov 2018 5:11 PM