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Shreya Sen-Handley

Shreya Sen-Handley | Confessions of an armchair cricketer

Cricket also played a part in my decision to settle in Britain.

26 Nov 2023 12:17 AM

Shreya Sen-Handley | Merits of self-care during a ‘bad year’

We’d still need doctors though, and shrinks, and most of all, arts practitioners.

08 Oct 2023 12:03 AM

Shreya Sen-Handley | The happy ‘looser’s cheerful musings

Let sandals snap and house keys hide, false friends fall away and gossip abide

29 May 2022 12:29 AM

Interview | Neither our homes, nor hearts, are confined to our cozy cocoons

Travel makes us better people, and the world a better place, says Shreya Sen-Handley

27 Mar 2022 12:21 AM

Shreya Sen-Handley | The good, bad and ugly of midlife blips

With never enough money to research ‘women’s troubles’, this island of no-return is relatively unexplored yet

30 Jan 2022 2:06 AM


Shreya Sen-Handley | Steve, Chom-chom, other name games people play

At birth we’re given hopeful names by our generally well-intentioned parents, with which we develop a love-hate relationship as we grow

26 Dec 2021 3:08 AM

Shreya Sen-Handley | 2020, the year I learn I am neurodivergent

Mutants with a mission to change the world for the better, you are superheroes, not villains

27 Dec 2020 6:51 AM

Shreya Sen-Handley becomes the first Indian woman to write opera

Through six stories written by writers from diverse backgrounds, the Welsh National Opera explores the highs and lows of migration

11 Mar 2020 7:59 PM

Of bodies and sexuality

There weren’t many such columns around then and Shreya’s had a distinctive teasing, humorous voice.

10 Apr 2018 10:57 PM