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Shaheen Bagh: SC seeks lawyers’ help; says protest, but don’t blockade

The right to protest is recognised the world over in democracies, especially in India.

18 Feb 2020 1:32 AM

People have the right to protest, but must have balancing factor, apex court says

The court was hearing pleas over the road blocks due to the ongoing protests at Shaheen Bagh against the CAA

17 Feb 2020 5:16 PM

This ‘Shaheen Bagh’ to mould minds

In the latest initiative, a group of activists has donated around 200 books to set up a temporary library at the protest site.

17 Feb 2020 2:14 AM

Shaheen Bagh protesters to march to Amit Shah’s residence today

The protesters also clarified that they have not sought an appointment with the Union home minister.

16 Feb 2020 4:19 AM

Dilip Ghosh ridicules anti-CAA protests

Taking a dig at Trinamul Congress supremo and chief minister Mamata Banerjee, he said that BJP has many clean faces.

16 Feb 2020 3:32 AM


Shaheen Bagh: Silent roar of the lambs

Two women in the security-check tent also had black bands covering their mouths.

12 Feb 2020 4:41 AM

Shaheen Bagh protesters cannot cause inconvenience to others: SC

'You cannot block public roads. There cannot be indefinite period of protest in such an area'

10 Feb 2020 1:03 PM

In lack of alternative, BJP’s hate festers

The election results will show whether such a strategy will bring dividends to the party.

09 Feb 2020 4:51 AM

Exit polls predict easy win for AAP as high voting seen in Muslim-dominant areas

Aam Aadmi seat tally tipped to fall sharply, but no improvement in Congress prospects

08 Feb 2020 8:52 PM

Is the BJP paying attention to the voices from Shaheen Bagh?

The rest of the disturbing and depressing domestic news involves comical clips that would have raised a chuckle had they not been so bizarre.

08 Feb 2020 3:09 AM


Patriotic Uber driver takes poet Bappadittya Sarkar to the cops over CAA

During the journey he was discussing with his friend on mobile phone people's discomfort with Laal Salaam slogan at Shaheen Bagh protest

07 Feb 2020 12:07 PM

Firings at Shaheen Bagh must never be repeated

It becomes imperative to understand the “chronology” that has led up to this turn of events.

07 Feb 2020 1:50 AM

High-pitched campaign in Delhi ends, vote tomorrow

The BJP had won three seats and the Congress was not able to retain even a single constirtuency despite being in power for 15 consecutive years.

07 Feb 2020 1:17 AM

YouTuber detained while secretly filming Shaheen Bagh protests

According to police, the protesters turned suspicious after the woman asked “too many questions” to them.

06 Feb 2020 4:54 AM

Modi bhakt YouTuber Gunja Kapoor caught in burqa at Shaheen Bagh

The disguise was meant to make herself more acceptable to the protesters, she says

05 Feb 2020 8:59 PM


Shaheen Bagh shooter is AAP member: Delhi Police

The AAP, however, said it will try to ascertain whether Kapil had any connection with the party.

05 Feb 2020 3:19 AM

Shaheen Bagh: How a peaceful protest became a ‘mudda’ for BJP

There's no guessing where this long train of events from 'Chakka Jaam' to 'goli maaro gaddaaron ko' is going

04 Feb 2020 8:50 AM

Delhi stir: Ominous trend

The ruling party has an added responsibility to ensure this.

04 Feb 2020 1:44 AM

Shaheen Bagh: how the peaceful protest became a ‘mudda’ for bjp

Polls & the anatomy of a protest.

04 Feb 2020 1:26 AM

Protests AAP-Congress conspiracy: PM Modi

He said because of the Shaheen Bagh protests, people commuting to and from Noida had been facing a lot of problems.

04 Feb 2020 1:06 AM